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Zhuo gen information: outside dish because of bank holiday in Shanghai aluminum plate disadvantaged consolidation

by:AAG     2020-11-07

outside dish for summer bank holiday one day, night Shanghai aluminum main dish down 25 yuan/ton to 16365 yuan/ton, down to zero. 15%. Zhuo and predict that today's prices weak turbulence. News: the macroscopic level of north Korean missile or overflying Japan, the yen rose gold soared. Xinhua News Agency said, citing reports north Korea launched a missile that could be flying from Japan. Since then against the yen, the dollar tumbled to a new low for more than four months, spot gold refresh 14-month high, above $1320. Aluminum manufacturer three collective lower U. S. stock index futures, the dow Jones industrial average futures fell over the point. Even a day break multiple pass! Onshore and offshore RMB a year to a record high. After day dish of record for more than a year, aluminum plate manufacturers night onshore renminbi against the us dollar and breaking 6. 63, 6. 62, 6. 61 mark, offshore RMB against the U. S. dollar plate above 6. 63, 6. The 62 mark. Aluminum manufacturer on Monday raised 226 yuan parity, against the dollar at 6. 6, 6353, on the day of the middle price. 6579. Analysis, as the market expected stronger, settlement of exchange will rise, a stronger yuan will gain more momentum up. The Chinese foreign ministry, said India will cross all personnel and equipment to withdraw the Indian side of the border, China the field staff confirmed. China will continue to, in accordance with relevant provisions of the historical JieYao exercises its sovereign rights, maintaining territorial sovereignty.
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