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Zhuo gen information: henan distributed message back prices again 'sail'

by:AAG     2020-11-08

the domestic spot aluminum stocks plummeted, superposition of henan for the 2017 - of henan province Industrial enterprises in the fall and winter of 2018 peak production implementation plan ', anti-static workbench said the electrolytic aluminium enterprises in henan province are restricting output 30% market optimism, Shanghai aluminum surged yesterday, Aaron aluminum with $30 a tonne to more than 2121. 5 dollars/ton, up to 1. 43%. Zhuo and predict that today's prices surged. Macro news: media said China's central bank stop foreign exchange risk reserve. Analysis, which released the central Banks are reluctant to signal rapid yuan appreciation. On Monday, the onshore ( CNY) Beijing time: 30 against the dollar at 6. 5260 yuan, a plate of closed down 370 points on Friday night. Offshore RMB ( CNH) Against the dollar, Beijing time 04:59 at 6. 5386 yuan, esd workstation from Friday ( On September 8,) Late in New York fell 368 points. “ Bad news & throughout; Barrage, the market's expectations of the fed to raise interest rates in December fell sharply. PCE below 1 June. 5%, partial eagle fed vice chairman resigned, three characters not reiterate once again expected to raise interest rates, the hurricane will let economic data distortion influence judgment, market interest rates more and more have no confidence to December, and has put it into action.
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