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Zhuo gen information: bull profit-taking metal across the callback

by:AAG     2020-11-07

long profits, base metals mostly closed down, the acquisition of aluminum fell last week 26. $5 / ton to 2071. 5 dollars/tons, drop to 1. 26%. Main aluminum extrusions Shanghai night plate fell 340 yuan/ton to 16215 yuan/ton, zhuo chong, expects aluminium material by today. News: the macroscopic level of state-owned holding enterprise profit year-on-year growth of 34 in July. 2%. State-owned holding enterprise benefit is remarkable, aluminum is mainly attributed to the oil processing, coal and steel industries efficiency improved significantly. The newspaper said, the fourth batch of central environmental protection inspectorate has entered the stage of subsidence. When & other; The strongest to capacity & throughout; Meet & other; Most environmental protection supervision & throughout; , commodity supply shock is serious, the strategy, points out that in the short term, including around the production of iron and steel, coal, nonferrous metal and so on May be suspended. North Korea fired a suspected ballistic missiles into the sea of Japan. Korean media reported, according to People's Daily, the south Korean joint chiefs, aluminum 49 points 5 o 'clock in the morning, Beijing time north Korea in gangwon flagpole ridge area launched a suspected ballistic missiles into the sea of Japan, flight distance is about 250 kilometers. South Korean media say the move was conducted in order to deal with is in South Korea South Korea joint military exercises.
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