Aluminum tube and square

Zhongzhou futures: on September 14, early evaluation of non-ferrous metal

by:AAG     2020-11-08

the LME copper contract closed at 6555 yuan/ton, down $117 / ton. LME inventories, concerns over Chinese demand increases, the dollar rose, copper in London, futures dropped to under MA20, disk is bearish pattern; Shanghai intraday high back, night plate of low volatility, futures fell to MA20 below the 4040 aluminum disk, suggest investors are bearish mentality to participate in, pay close attention to market mood changes. Aaron night closed disc Yin line, aluminum futures below facing MA20 test, high and volatile on the whole, below the 4040 aluminum attention MA20 support strength; Strong closed up, Shanghai aluminum days night plate of strong shocks, futures on average run, disk has stronger 4040 aluminum extrusions, recommends that investors thought to participate in, the more the considering non-ferrous fell, light positions in, and focus on early along the crackdown on the panel.
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