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Zhongwang power China's high-speed rail to realize 'Renaissance' of 'aluminium' | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-08

recently, 7 & to other Throughout Renaissance & #; Bullet in the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway, 350 kilometers per hour operation, as a result, China became the world's high-speed commercial operation of the highest speed. As China's high-speed rail into & other; Throughout Renaissance & #; Era, as its vehicle bodywork global aluminum industry, one of the leading zhongwang aluminum suppliers will also usher in a broader market space. It is understood that high-speed rail is & other; With large aluminum & throughout; , a list of more than 85% of the high-speed rail car body materials for aluminum extrusion profiles, aluminum manufacturers throughout the body, castings and forgings by molding, plate welded together. More than 200 kilometers per hour of high-speed train to lightweight, sealing, corrosion resistant, high demand for aluminum alloy, with light mass, high strength, corrosion resistance, plasticity and other characteristics, making aluminum car body has absolute advantage in the railway vehicle applications, moving vehicles on the high speed railway in our country at present the basic are aluminum car. As the world's leading aluminium processing product research and development manufacturer, zhongwang layout for many years in the field of rail transit. Aluminum manufacturers in China in recent years many of the railway, subway project, zhong wang is one of the important participants. At present, zhong wang group has for the Chinese car companies in the supply the body with aluminum profile. At the same time, zhong wang also provide multiple subway projects at home and abroad, with batch of body high quality aluminum alloy profiles. We have learned, in & other; Throughout Renaissance & #; Development process, dominated by China railway corporation, a total of more than 20 units involved in the core research and development, directly involved in the main components and related parts design and manufacture of nearly 300 enterprises. Among them, zhong wang for & other; Throughout Renaissance & #; Dozens of car body aluminum deep processing products, is & other; Throughout Renaissance & #; The vehicle body one of the important suppliers of aluminum. According to zhong wang group deputy general manager CAI hunan: & other; ‘ Renaissance no. & rsquo; Require high quality of aluminum aluminum manufacturers, especially in material performance, use requirements have higher standards. Zhongwang production standardization of the emu body aluminum is a high standard of testing by the third party, the test standards stricter than the European standards. ” Be worth what carry is, to grasp the development of rail transit market opportunity, zhong wang has been made in recent years a number of related to the rail transit industry chain certification.
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