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Zhongtian futures: 25 copper zinc nickel aluminum strength high, tomorrow will be higher

by:AAG     2020-11-06

 【 Fundamental 】 News: on January 25, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia tin spot prices rose $190 on Thursday, at $20930 per ton, volume of 57 tons, plus WeChat dhkq123 WeChat guidance up 8 tons. London (Reuters) - January 24 Dollar tumbled on Wednesday for the copper from a month lows, although stocks for a second day shock showed ample supply. Nickel above key technical level, hit a 2-1/2 year highs, phase of lead and zinc also climbed to a high for years. Worries about U. S. trade protectionism, metal trough and the us Treasury secretary, on a weaker dollar in favor of exports to the United States speak the dollar against a basket of major currencies. Low knocking to three years. Metal trough a weaker dollar makes dollar-denominated metal cheaper for investors holding other currencies. “ Today's topic is a weaker dollar, & throughout; Said Edward Meir, an analyst with INTL fc stone. Index of LME copper CMCU3 sharp rise 3. 3%, to $7150 per ton, is set to create the biggest gain since October. On Tuesday, down 2. 1% to the lowest $6885 since December 19. 【 Trend forecast 】 Copper zinc nickel aluminum prices moved weak last week, synchronous back down, then disk range adjustment, recovering from a metal trough rebound, adjust market differentiation at the start of the week, wash dish over and over again, back and forth today jumped high synchronization, strong all show, now often one pace reachs the designated position, rose after the callback period, the ocean plate and copper zinc nickel aluminum tomorrow night is expected at their highs.
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