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Zhongjin lingnan shareholders guang sheng investment to complete the plan

by:AAG     2020-11-07

zhongjin lingnan shareholders guang sheng investment plan of complete underweight zhongjin lingnan 30 night announced that shareholders in February 23 - guang sheng investment On August 29, during total holdings of 13034473 shares, the underweight plans to end. After the underweight, shenzhen guang sheng investment holding company 93143935 shares, workshop workbench take up of the total equity of the company is now 3. 91%; Guang sheng aggregate holding company and the concerted action of the company 768173283 shares, take up of the total equity of the company is now 32. 28%. 30 tin shares issued late half annals, during the reporting period, the company business income is 186. 8. 5 billion yuan, 13 year-on-year increase. 46%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies. 3. 5. 9 billion yuan, an increase of 7165. 51% aluminium co late August 30 announcement of cloud, for the implementation of state-owned enterprises reform and supply side policies, held by the company intends to about $35 million acquisition of dongyuan coal dongyuan qujing aluminum coal group co. , LTD. , 94. A 35% stake. Announcement, qujing aluminum electrolytic aluminium production capacity of 380000 tons/year, existing are national compliance capacity, do not belong to eliminate range, workshop workbench after implementation of the equity acquisition, the company size electrolytic aluminium industry will increase by 1. 2 million tons/year to about 1. 6 million tons/year, thereby promote hydro aluminium industry company, is conducive to further perfect & other; Green low carbon hydro aluminium processing integration & throughout; Industrial chain. The equity transfer assets evaluation benchmark, qujing aluminum has seriously insolvent, but in dongyuan coal imposed 39. Net worth 0. 6 billion yuan after the debt to equity, qujing aluminum from negative to positive, workshop workbench asset-liability ratio has fallen dramatically from 303% to 57%, fundamental improvement of financial structure; In countries at the same time vigorously implementing supply side under the influence of structural reform, the aluminum industry situation improved markedly, the product prices to rise, make qujing aluminum industry capacity utilization gradually restore ascension, from 1 2016 & ndash; About 33% in October to about 95%, close to full capacity. In the first half of 2017 aluminum market affected by the reform of aluminium supply side, aluminum the strong. In the first half of the Yangtze river nonferrous a00:1450:8006 ingot average price 13617 yuan/ton, up about 17% year-on-year. As supply side to promote the reform of supply and demand of electrolytic aluminium is expected to improve, aluminum prices are expected to keep going up. Company full compliance capacity, production is not affected by for change. Analysis of, the company now has reserves of bauxite resources are more than 1. 7. 3 billion tons, the expected & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; During the basis + Laos after a workshop workbench, phase ii project, bauxite resources up to 6. 1. 3 billion tons. As wenshan phase ii in the first half of 2017 and put into production, the company of alumina production capacity will increase to 1. 4 million tons. And the company will further enhance capacity after acquisition of qujing aluminum industry. As prices rise, raw material prices rise, the cost center of atr. With hydropower advantages and abundant mineral resources, cloud aluminum cost advantages highlighted. ( OuYangChunXiang) ( Global metal mesh OMETAL. COM) ( Would you like to see so much metal information for free every day? 1, click here to set the global metal mesh for your Internet home page 2, click here to add the global metal mesh to your favorites. )
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