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Zhongjin lingnan as lead and zinc industry, only a public company wins the MSCI underlying stocks

by:AAG     2020-11-06

zhongjin lingnan as lead and zinc industry, only a public company wins the MSCI underlying stocks recently, Morgan Stanley capital international, inc. ( MSCI) Announced the 2017 market segmentation results, review decision starts from June 2018 to China's A shares in MSCI emerging markets index and global benchmark index ( ACWI) 222, the market shares become the first successful into the index's class A shares, zhongjin lingnan ( 000060). A-share stocks in the index mark success. The msci index ( MSCI) Refers to the investment bank Morgan Stanley compiled a series of stock price index, aluminum manufacturers covering different industries, countries and regions. The MSCI index is the most widely used in the investment community was used to represent the national, regional capital market reference index, the index system covering most of the world's developed, emerging and frontier markets, its each index as an indicator of the vast majority of international investors. As of June 2017, the index by 23 24 in developed countries and emerging market countries, Region) Composition. MSCI stock selection mainly by the stability of individual stocks, industry distribution and the market value of the reference standard, the inclusion of 222 stock is A share of the grail, with strong representation. It is understood that the selected 222 a-share stock cover banking, insurance, petroleum and petrochemical industries, such as volume accounted for the 6 3267 a-share stock at present. 80%, but from the market value, as of June 20, included in the total stock market value of more than 21. 92 trillion, aluminum manufacturers selected grain sugar for the minimum value of 18. 7 billion, higher than the average $17. 8 billion A shares. Among them, 11 only color metal industry in the underlying stocks, respectively is: luoyang molybdenum, zijin mining group, shandong gold, sky LiYe, chinalco, north of rare earth, zhongjin gold, jiangxi copper, tongling nonferrous, zhongjin lingnan, gold molybdenum co, zhongjin lingnan as lead and zinc industry, only a public company success. Listed for 20 years, zhongjin lingnan relies on a solid performance, in domestic and overseas investors to establish a good image of blue chips, the MSCI, will further promote the development of firm internationalization, aluminum enhance international influence, will also be widely involved in foreign capital and investors investment, optimize the structure of existing investors to provide favorable conditions. ( Source: zhongjin lingnan's website)
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