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Zhongfu imported 2300 mm high precision aluminum project handsomer stretch bending production line equipment installation construction

by:AAG     2020-11-10

zhongfu imported high precision aluminum project 2300 mm stretch bending production line equipment installation construction recently, correction at the zhongfu science and technology and high precision aluminum projects ushered in the another important items & ndash; — Imported 2300 mm bent proper production line equipment installation construction. Zhongfu industrial co. , LTD. , chairman of Cui Hongsong wen-chao ma, general manager and leaders of all the contractors to participate in the opening ceremony. Yu Minggao company deputy general manager and project director Chen Zhongzu representing medium technology supervision company and attend the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Zhongfu high precision aluminum projects currently under construction technology in China is the most complete, one-time investment of the largest aluminum processing projects production line. After several years of construction, has completed the casting production line, & other 1 + 4' Continuous production line, & other; 1 + 2' Cold rolling line, intelligent logistics system ( Warehouse) Group, roll grinding machine, annealing furnace, trimming machine, slitting machine packaging units, domestic ( At the science and technology) 1850 mm bent proper production line installation and put into production. Is installing the coating production line will be completed by the end of 2016, installation and debugging. Zhongfu supervision company of science and technology of high precision aluminium project in medium, under the process standardization and specialization management of project construction has obtained the good effect, high recognition by the construction unit. Among them & other; 1 + 4' Continuous production line for 2014 & ndash; — 2015 ', & other; 1 + 2' Cold rolling production line for 2014 non-ferrous metals industry ministry quality engineering. Stretch bending straightening machine imported excellent performance, manufacturing high accuracy, advanced technology, after the installation is complete, and has been built by the medium technology design, manufacture, installation and debugging of 1850 mm handsomer stretch bending production line to form the good complementary, further on expanding our scope of products and production lines, greatly improve the product yield, quality and profit, and the whole production line technology advantage into full play.
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