Yunnan industrial aluminum Laos alumina is expected to begin in 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in'

by:AAG     2020-11-10

yunnan industrial aluminum alumina project is expected to Laos & quot; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & quot; In the production of a few days ago, yunnan aluminum industry co. , LTD. Post recruitment brochure, functions of the job for the company headquarters staff. In the recruitment conditions, puts forward clear requirements on foreign language skills: English tem 8, the second major for Lao is preferred. Yunnan industrial aluminum extrusion expansion to southeast Asia strategic planning is visible. The reporter learns from yunnan industrial aluminum top, Laos has already started preparing the project, the current is to carry out the construction condition, plan in & quot; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & quot; Implement production. Laos project is yunnan industrial aluminum extrusions & quot; To expand at both ends, optimization of middle & quot; Transformation and upgrading of development strategy and to participate in one of the international cooperation capacity deployment. Yunnan aluminum industry co. , LTD. , secretary of the party committee JiaoYun introduction, implementation & quot; Teng cage for a bird & quot; Engineering, YangZong Marine region will push forward construction of deep processing industry innovation park, kunming center logistics hub base and special equipment manufacturing base, around the aluminum industry of the hydropower projects reasonable layout of aluminum processing projects, new material industry formed obvious competitive advantage of aluminum processing, new material industry cluster building aluminum deep processing industry base. Strive to use 3 - 5 years time, the cloud aluminum headquarters into a set research and development, manufacturing as one of the comprehensive innovation park. According to current progress, the next two years will have a batch of new material industry projects. 0. 0045/0. Parts can be realized in the course of the year 005 mm ultra-thin aluminum foil project put into production, will be full production next year. Cloud of aluminium foil is electrical companies in the United States first electronic aluminum foil suppliers in China, the independent research and development of preparation of ultra-thin aluminum foil pierced billet casting technology is a leading global technology, can be in a shortened process was prepared on the basis of high quality ultra-thin aluminum foil products, thus in the international market with strong competitive advantage. Recently, special equipment manufacturing base and the construction is underway. Aluminum alloy welding wire, the aluminum container, such as special equipment manufacturing is the original aluminum alloy, the material, the terminal of a trend. JiaoYun said, special equipment manufacturing base is expected by the end of the year starts. According to understand, comply with the car wheel hub of automobile lightweight development, car radiator, car suspension parts and other aluminum terminal parts of trends, to develop new alloy series, battery foil, capacitor foil, automotive aluminum alloy wheel hub, automotive aluminum, and other high end products market, the next step will be cloud aluminium key development areas.
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