Workbench esd workstation work station of guangzhou guangdong line table maintenance platform assembly platform

by:AAG     2020-11-12
Workbench esd workstation in guangdong guangzhou work station line table maintenance platform assembly platform aluminum accessories: T bolt, T nut, square nuts, flange nuts, ling type nut, elastic nut, round head bolt, hex special bolt, the built-in fittings, activities, elastic fasteners, flat sealing groove, u-shaped slot, slider, shake handshandle, castor, foot hoof, cover plate, Angle, large Angle, steering Angle, groove fittings, Angle of groove fittings, right Angle connectors, triangle fitting, hinge, metal hinge, baffle plate is fixed, hinge, etc. National standard accessories: gb T nut bolt nut round nut PVC strip 0645 hinge hinge zinc alloy metal hinge zinc alloy Angle code gb 1530 diagonal block diagonal block Angle groove fittings gb fittings gb profiles cover for a word
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