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by:AAG     2020-11-06

predicts early next year, or aluminium market in China will return to supply and demand balance, appear even relative shortages. Recent aluminium irregularities closure is speeding up, according to the related media reports, xinjiang region irregularities aluminium capacity closures appear new progress: xinjiang kayuen illegal production capacity of 150000 tons, involving about 120 units 500000, electrolytic cell, now and then there were 30 did not shut down, July 10 is expected to close them. Xinjiang east hope illegal production capacity of 800000 tons, involving about 540 units in 500000, electrolytic cell, has shut down 30 - On July 20, 40, plan all shut down. Electrolytic aluminium shut down operations for the xinjiang region, making xinjiang irregularities in the production and capacity under construction is expected to take the lead in clearing. According to aluminum melt network statistics, illegal construction in xinjiang production capacity of 2 million tons, the actual has built 400000 tons, the production capacity of 1. 07 million tons. On April 14, once. during closed in violation of the people's government of course capacity, on April 26, xinjiang kayuen violations during the production began to close, and then there were 30 predict to be finished on July 10. For the closed, aluminum melting network considered in April in response to introduce the four ministries and commissions of the state of the rectification work project of electrolytic aluminium industry violation action plan 'requirement, consistent with the shandong weiqiao aluminium production reasons. According to the news, the xinjiang changji autonomous prefecture, the government has asked the xinjiang kayuen and east hope running illegal capacity of xinjiang must stop everything before July 20, national environmental protection and the relevant departments to xinjiang for inspectors to this matter. As China's electrolytic aluminium violations capacity three clusters of xinjiang region, if illegal projects on the production capacity of all closed, will reduce the electrolytic aluminium production capacity 1. 07 million tons/year, and is low cost, full of more effective capacity. So aluminum melt net think that, although the irregularities in the production capacity in the shut down one by one, but if you want to finish before July 20, connection between block corresponding pressure is bigger. According to the aluminum melt network statistics, in 2017 the national electrolytic aluminium production capacity of 46 million tons, output 36. 5 million tons, and demand is only 35. 07 million tons, 1. 43 million tons of excess. So far, the illegal production capacity combined close 470000 tons/year ( Shandong weiqiao 250000 tons/year, east hope 50000 tons/year in xinjiang, xinjiang kayuen 150000 tons/year, xinjiang 20000 tons/year) 23, annual production capacity. 50000 tons/year, according to 90% utilization, it affect the production of 210000 tons. If xinjiang east hope 800000 tons/year all closed, the annual output is expected to be 360000 tons, annual 570000 tons of electrolytic aluminium reduction. So far, the closure of the construction of environment has brought ease although for production overcapacity, but still not fundamentally change market imbalance between supply and demand, the market gap had still not appeared. On the whole, now the national large-scale rectification is in progress, in addition to the xinjiang region, Inner Mongolia and shandong region are also speed up the reorganization to shut down. According to statistics, aluminum melt network violations of Inner Mongolia in 1. 2 million tons/year, shandong irregularities in the production capacity of 2. 67 million tons/year. Can be seen from the data, if finish clearing the xinjiang region, corresponding to the Inner Mongolia and shandong region enterprises produce a lot of pressure, so as to spur both violations to shut down, close with the capacity of estimated to reach 193. 50000 tons. If violations in all closed in July, will affect the annual output of 72. 60000 tons, the total production throughout the year 129. 60000 tons. Making aluminum market gradually regression balance between supply and demand in 2017. Aluminum melt net think that the change of the market or not obvious in the short term, but in the long run, the market gap with the declining production began to appear, expected early next year, China's electrolytic aluminium market or will return to supply and demand balance, appear even relative shortages.
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