Windows and doors, curtain wall profiles fluorine carbon spraying and powder coating

by:AAG     2020-11-06

powder coating raw materials: for polyurethane, polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, hydroxyl polyester resin and epoxy polyester resin, a variety of colors can be produced. Powder coating: coating device has manual, automatic hanging type, simple construction and coating thickness of 30 microns, impact resistant, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, Entry & other; Weather resistance & throughout; Provided by the industry encyclopedia) All good, cheaper than fluorocarbon coating. Powder spraying biggest weakness: the fear of the sun's ultraviolet illuminate, long-term exposure can cause natural fade, aluminum doors and Windows profile sunny slope and the southern slope in a few years off color, generally is 2 - 5 years produce clear off color. The color of aluminum in the market now, it is powder coating, can not only increase the aluminum doors and Windows color varieties, at the same time enhance the corrosion resistance. Fluorine carbon spraying fluorine carbon coating belongs to high grade coating, the price is higher, has already been applied in foreign countries. In domestic in recent years, large area used for aluminum sheet curtain wall, doors and Windows material, etc. Because of its excellent characteristics, more and more get the attention and favor of construction and the user. Features: excellent resistance to fade, the frost resistance, resistance to atmospheric pollution, Acid rain, etc. ) Of corrosion resistance, uv resistance is strong, strong aluminum crack resistance and the to withstand severe weather conditions, it is beyond general coatings. Fluorine carbon spraying coating is the polyvinylidene fluoride resin nCH2CF2 baking ( CH2CF2) n( PVDF) A finishing or coating made with metal aluminium powder as pigment. The chemical structure of fluorocarbon finishing in fluorocarbon bond. This kind of structure with characteristics of shorter key and hydrogen ions combine think that the most stable and solid combination of chemical structure on the stability and strong to make the different physical properties of fluorine carbon coating paint. In addition to the mechanical performance of wear resistance, impact resistance, Entry & other; Impact resistance & throughout; Provided by the industry encyclopedia) With excellent performance, especially in the harsh climate and environment shows that long-term fading resistance, uv resistance. Fluorine carbon spraying coatings manufacturers to ensure the service life of coating for 10 years, 15 years development to guarantee for 20 years. Aluminum American research institute of fluorocarbon coatings and super coating, coating tested compared commonly, coating samples respectively in the hot sun, Florida and in wet salt air under the conditions of exposure for 12 years, the actual proved fluorocarbon coating stability and durability of the 30 and 80% higher than the other two coating, fluorocarbon coating to ensure the use in a variety of harsh environments. How to differentiate between fluorine carbon coating and common coating? High-quality fluorocarbon paint surface is smooth and not reflective, electrostatic powder coating is bright and the surface is very thick. Window of door of fluorine carbon spraying fluorine carbon spraying with its characteristics of good stability, fast into the market to be bestowed favor on newly, aluminum alloy doors and Windows is mainly used in the large construction curtain wall, plane, ship, high residential doors and Windows, etc.
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