Wide temperature rigid industrial aluminum anodic oxidation process

by:AAG     2020-11-10

wide temperature rigid industrial aluminum profile, aluminum and aluminum alloy anodic oxidation process of wide temperature rigid industrial aluminum anodic oxidation process applications. General control in 15 ℃ or so for the best, basically with ordinary industrial operating temperature of the aluminum anodic oxidation. Conversion coating film is compact and uniform appearance, basic no etch, its color is deep, is generally not shading can achieve bluish black or dark brown or black, film thickness ~ 20 degrees in 380 ~ 550 hv. Bath resistance to salt spray test 240 h long service life, simple maintenance, wide range of technology, additive consumption is slow, according to the experience can add to maintain the normal use of tank liquid. Cast aluminum ( Such as ZL101, ZL102) , forging aluminum ( DL2 DL4) , high silicon cast aluminum ( 22%~24%Si) Pure aluminium can apply. But different material after processing the film thickness and hardness are not the same. For 7 a14 DL2 DL4 hardness greater than 380 hv not ablation parts basically, and can form the appearance of the natural black. Powder before and after weighing respectively, and the thickness of the test after spraying the surface of the use of two kinds of powder with powder. Appropriate adjustments for powder pressure and high pressure electrostatic, the workpiece surface gloss, flatness and surface resistance to meet standards on the basis of appearance, ultra-thin powder powder coating thickness averaged 52 m, compared to the traditional powder at 79 PM; By weighing, ultra-thin powder powder with powder amount per unit area is 79 g/m2, conventional powder to 123 g/m2 use thin powder can save 36% of raw materials, coating thickness by an average of 34%. Considering the factors of mass production, raw materials can save to around 25%. In addition, look from the measured results, using traditional artifacts edges of powder coating thickness ( From the workpiece edge 5 mm) 90 PM, and thin powder coating on the surface of the work-piece is 60 PM coating is more uniform, more successful to solve the problem of the fat edge, greatly reduces the production of defective product, provides a convenient to process after the assembly. In the process of production, the use of ultra-thin powder also brought many convenient daily equipment maintenance. A uniform coating thickness, can increase the rate of artifacts on powder, relatively reduced the amount of recycled powder, greatly reduces the spreader, powder room wall cleaning. Use thin powder, can reduce the thickness of the coating, save raw materials, 25% fat edge phenomenon of components have been improved significantly. In addition, to reduce the scrap rate of the workpiece, which is beneficial to process after the assembly.
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