why you should wrap car keys in aluminum foil

by:AAG     2020-11-05
Your car is always listening.
Not for your voice, like Amazon Echo or Siri, but for electronic signals like the coded \"unlock\" signal on the fob of the electronic key.
If it is a newer model, you may not have to press any buttons;
The door will be unlocked automatically as long as it is close to your car.
In some cars, the engine will even start.
It\'s convenient to unlock your car wirelessly, but the price is reasonable.
Specifically, for criminals, the signal of the key chain is easily intercepted.
So that they can open your car without any alarm.
If you have a real keyless car model, they may drive away.
Let\'s see how criminals do this and what you can do to keep your car safe.
You may have noticed that you cannot turn your car on with any old radio signal.
There is a reason why you need your specific key chain to get the job done.
Key chains use computer chips to create unique codes that are sent to the car safety system.
Cars also have chips that generate code using the same algorithm.
If the code matches, the car will open.
There\'s more to it than that, but that\'s basic.
How criminals attack 1, because each key chain/car security pair is unique, each can create billions of code, and hackers have no chance.
Or at least it\'s theory.
It turns out that a popular system for Megamos Crypto is not as safe as everyone thinks.
Researchers at the University of Radboud and the University of Birmingham in the Netherlands found that by intercepting wireless signals twice, they could reduce the possible combination from billions to 200,000.
After that, the computer can find out the password in half an hour and unlock the car. In a real-
World app, thieves can sit on the street to collect wireless signals when car owners enter and leave the vehicle.
Then they can steal a lot of cars overnight.
Click here to see if your car is at risk of such an attack.
Still, this requires a skilled car thief or hacker to carry out this kind of attack, so the chances of it happening to you are minimal.
However, thanks always-
On key fobs, there is another risk that is more likely to occur.
How criminals attack 2ways-
On key fobs, there are serious weaknesses in the safety of your car.
Anyone can turn on the car as long as your key is in range, and the system will think it\'s you.
That\'s why newer car models won\'t unlock until the key chain is within 1 feet.
However, criminals can get an amp for less than $100, which can detect key fob signals other than 300 feet and then transmit them to your car.
In other words, your key may be in your house and the criminal may go to your car and open it.
This is not just a theory;
It\'s actually happening.
Fortunately, you can take some easy steps to prevent hackers from stealing your signals.
There are several easy ways to stop the theft of a car to stop the offender from amplifying the signal.
You can buy a signal.
Block bags that can store keys.
If you don\'t want to spend money, you can stick the key chain in the fridge or freezer.
Multi-layer metal will block your key chain signal.
Just check with the manufacturer of fob to make sure that freezing your key fob does not damage it.
If you don\'t want to freeze your key chain, you can do the same with a microwave. (
Tip: Don\'t open it. )
Stick your key chain there and the criminals will not be able to receive a signal from it.
Like any of the experienced criminals, they will only get into a much easier target.
Because your key chain signal is blocked by metal, you can also wrap it up with aluminum foil.
While this is the easiest solution, it can also leak signals if you\'re not doing it right.
Also, you may need to stock up on foil.
You can also make a foil.
If you are in the mood of crafting, you can put the key in.
This kind of signal theft is not just a problem with the car key fobs.
Newer passports and other identity certificates include radio frequency identification chips.
Criminals can use high
Powered RFID reader steals your information from a distance.
However, you do not need aluminum foil.
You can buy RFID-
Boxes of wallets, wallets and passports were blocked.
Key fob hacking is not the only danger for modern cars.
Learn how hackers can control cars through entertainment systems and other attacks.
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