Why the vast majority of sulfuric acid anodizing aluminum die casting can't do

by:AAG     2020-11-10

industrial aluminum anodic oxidation treatment is using electrochemical method, in the proper electrolyte, with alloy parts as anode, stainless steel, chromium, or conductive electrolyte itself as the cathode, under certain conditions, such as voltage current in the anode oxidation, so that the workpiece surface for industrial process of anodic oxide film of aluminum. According to its type and film properties of the electrolyte can be divided into sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, mixed acid, hard and porcelain anodic oxidation of aluminum industry; According to all kinds of industrial aluminum anodic oxide film of dyeing performance, only the sulfuric acid industry aluminum anodized oxide film obtained the most suitable dyeing; Other such as oxalic acid, ceramic industrial aluminum anodic oxide film is can be colored, but serious interference color; Chromic acid industrial aluminum anodic oxidation film or hard anodized film can't coloring; Comprehensive described above, to achieve the purpose of industrial aluminum anodic oxidation coloring, only sulfuric acid anodizing line. A, industrial aluminum sulfate of anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy material limit 1, the existence of the alloy elements can make the decrease of the quality of the oxide film, under the same conditions, the pure aluminium oxide film on the thickness, hardness is the highest, best resistance to corrosion, evenness is best. Aluminum alloy material, in order to get good oxidation effect, to ensure that the content of aluminum, under normal circumstances, is better to not less than 95%. 2, in the alloy, copper oxide film be suffused with red, destroy the electrolyte quality, increase oxidation defects; Can make silicon oxide film become grey, especially when the content is more than 4. 5%, the effect is more obvious; Iron because of itself characteristic, after the industrial aluminum anodic oxidation will exist in the form of black spot. Second, the classification and composition of die casting aluminum alloy composition: die casting aluminum alloy, mainly can be divided into three categories; One is the aluminum silicon alloy, mainly contains YL102 ( ADC1 A413。 0, etc. ) YL104 ( ADC3 A360) ; Second, copper aluminum silicon alloy, mainly contains YL112 ( The A380, ADC10, etc. ) YL113 ( 3830). 、YL117( B390 ADC14) ADC12, etc. Third, aluminum and magnesium alloy, mainly contains 302 ( 5180年,ADC5) ADC6, etc. For aluminum silicon alloy, copper aluminum silicon alloy, solid luce, its content in addition to aluminum, silicon and copper are main components; Normally, in 6 - silicon content 12%, mainly have the effect of liquid alloy liquidity; Copper content followed, mainly have the effect of enhanced strength and tensile force; Iron content is usually at 0. 7 - 1. 2%, within the proportion, the workpiece demoulding effect is best; Through its composition as you can see, this kind of alloy is impossible oxidation coloring, even with silicon oxide, also hard to achieve the ideal effect. For aluminum and magnesium alloys can be oxidation coloring, it is an important difference with other alloy characteristic; But in comparison, there are also some disadvantages. 1, industrial aluminum anodic oxide film has the duality, and larger pores and uneven distribution, it is difficult to achieve the better anti-corrosion effect; 2, mg is hardening and brittle, reduce the elongation increases, the tendency of hot tearing, such as ADC5, ADC6, in production, because of its wide range of solidification and shrinkage tendency, shrinkage and cracks often, casting performance is poor, therefore, has great limitations on the scope of its use, which gives a complex workpiece, is the production. 3, commonly used on the market of aluminum and magnesium alloy, because of its complicated composition, low purity, aluminum anodic oxidation of aluminum sulfate industry, it is difficult to produce transparent protective film, more white, the color is out of condition, according to normal process is difficult to achieve the ideal effect. Comprehensive described above, it can be seen that the commonly used die casting aluminum alloy is unfavorable take industrial anodic oxidation of aluminum sulfate; However, not all die casting aluminum alloy can't achieve the goal of oxidation coloring, such as aluminium manganese cobalt alloy DM32 DM6 manganese, aluminum, magnesium alloy, die casting performance and oxidation performance are good, just because enters the domestic time is short, not gained popularity ( Then I will according to the aluminum manganese alloy production experience for many years, to communicate with you about my application and production technology of aluminum manganese alloy) 。
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