Where is the industrial aluminum price difference

by:AAG     2020-11-06

where industrial aluminum price difference between industrial aluminum extrusion, by high temperature solid solution heat section shape directly by extrusion die forming, process more concise. Aluminum can be sawing, drilling and milling, bending, welding, assembly each other between various shapes of aluminum. And can according to the different bearing and mechanical strength requirements, using different brand production. Industrial aluminum ( Alloy) Profile of the use scope is extremely broad, strong commonality. It is light, good heat dissipation effect, high productivity and environmental protection, to become the first selection of industrial materials. Industrial aluminium profile surface treatment can be a variety of styles, such as ( Grey, black, sand blasting, wire drawing, etc. ) Oxidation, also can undertake spray paint, spraying, polishing chromium plating, beautiful and easy, can improve the additional value of products. And can be fixed by SGS environmental protection test. So how to choose the choose aluminum suppliers? Choose aluminum supplier has three principles: first: very cheap chose not to explain is as follows: aluminum spot price + cost = aluminum ingots extrusion aluminum processing fee + packaging + freight. These are all very transparent, aluminum costs about the same, significantly lower than the market price, the first possibility: thin oxide film this link tend to become less important to their consumption when it can be a lot cheaper price, but in the long run aluminum surface oxidation resistance appears to make corrosion, will bring consequences for equipment and engineering. The second: aluminum used is recycled material raw material generally is electrolyzed water add some casting alloy elements. Recycle material after melting casting aluminum rods inevitably contains many impurities, and compared with the raw material quality of extrusion products is less what its price would be cheaper. Third: selection is given priority to with producing aluminum supplier explanation is as follows: mainly produces aluminum suppliers, are generally not engaged in this industry more than 10 years, oneself is also a consumer, has a very rich practical experience, for the product quality and performance have good understanding and mastering, will recommend a good cost performance products suitable for the requirement of the clients, it is convenient and useful to choose the accessories.
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