What measures to improve the qualified rate of computer use aluminum profile extrusion die

by:AAG     2020-11-06

what measures to take use of aluminum alloy profile extrusion die improve the qualified rate of aluminum profile extrusion die design and manufacturing costs accounted for about 20% of the total production cost, is the aluminum profile extrusion industry variables, one of the key technology of quick development, involving the material, design, manufacture, testing, repair mold, a lot of link such as management, also is one of development potential of the larger field. Therefore, you can obtain from the following several aspects can be more reasonable use of such a mold to improve the computer qualified rate of the die. 1, strict enforcement of aluminum alloy profile production process rules and regulations must be strictly implemented according to the corresponding aluminum profile extrusion process, the boot process aluminum rod furnace set in 530 - the middle temperature Outlet temperature 550 ℃, aluminium alloy profile is set in 480 - 500 ℃, holding time should be enough to ensure enough temperature and heart '(bar Is the core and surface are warm enough) Duplicity, avoid because the bar temperature, Lack of core temperature) And make the die elastic deformation increases, exacerbating & other; Partial wall & throughout; And & other Different length & throughout; Phenomenon, and even result in plastic deformation and scrap of extrusion die. 2, ensure & other; Three hearts throughout unity &; Container center, extrusion rod and visual mold base center must be concentric, there is no obvious phenomenon of eccentric, otherwise it will affect velocity in all parts of the products, and even affect products molding or extrusion products around two length difference is more big to extrusion production. For more than a second porous mould, more strict. 3, selection of reasonable bearing pad must choose appropriate to the size of the hole, the cantilever large special bearing pad, to reduce the lower die elastic deformation, make the products extrusion molding stability, small size; And must be in the mold before the double hole is special bearing pad to find good backup, in order to avoid the mold after because of bearing pad takes too long to find and make the mould cooling and stuffy car too much; Suggest support pad also must be heating temperature control in commonly 350 to 450 ℃. Especially for heterosexual complex profile and porous series, must choose the reasonable support special cushion. 4, to strengthen the information feedback in the process of aluminum profile extrusion ( 1) Information feedback of extrusion mould plug plug because there are many kinds of mold, mold processing, for example, knife stuck in empty, empty cutter machining burrs, empty small knife, unreasonable and so on influence of the air knife, and mold design work is unreasonable, with guide plate, such as tap hole it is easy to cause plugging die design is not reasonable, not specially trained people generally difficult to express clearly, best after corresponding repairing mold staff to look after and find out why can talk on mold, repair mold, and put forward the change plan. ( 2) Discharging molding feedback in addition to have the extrusion die number clearly marked material head, but also in the head logo material is difficult to see the overall situation of flow, such as & other In handing over the material & throughout; ( Said, in the actual process of extrusion is two holes inside the lateral slow fast) 、“ Phase from the discharge & throughout; ( Said, in the actual process of extrusion is two holes inside fast lateral slow) 、“ Left right throughout the short & long; Said left a long right branch short, and to indicate the length difference of the amount of, because the interrupt saw about 6 meters, the distance to the discharging mouth so often & other; Throughout A m / 6 m &; Said length difference, in the form of components for every 6 meters apart A m, so accurate expression to die right judgment and maintenance. ( 3) Size out-of-tolerance information feedback in discharging molding but normal size out-of-tolerance condition, must take a sample ready to complete the right logo ( Extrusion die number, discharging direction and size of defects, etc. ) , including any item id mistake may lead to wrong mould, so must pay highly attention to. To provide accurate material sample including best ( Before the leftover material) 。 Given all this, the above four measures roughly use aluminum profile extrusion mold to improve the qualified rate, reduce the cost of extrusion, decrease The Times of mould computer, of course, still have to according to the actual situation, specific analysis of the aluminum material situation and make a reasonable judgment, it also with each of the die trim method also has a great relationship, design and processing is most important, of course, the mold has been forming, die cutting fixed decided to mold the number of computer, computer information feedback is very important, so, of course, also have to believe in your judgment, seize the accuracy of the material, believe in your ability, the stage is how to solve the problem! ! !
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