What is the distinguishing feature of AA25 level of anodic oxide film?

by:AAG     2020-11-10

AA25 level what is the distinguishing feature of anodic oxide film? 1, good corrosion resistance due to the effect of industrial pollution, and a severe climate impact on the environment, increased corrosion of anodic oxide film on aluminium profile, curtain wall, shorten the service life of the aluminium profile, curtain wall. High level and AA25 anodic oxidation film because the film thickness, good corrosion resistance, suitable for use in harsh environment. 2, acid good performance because of pollution of the environment, in many places will appear the phenomenon of acid rain, under the lead to aluminum, the surface treatment on the curtain wall film defects such as color change, loss of light, thus shortening the service life of the aluminium profile, curtain wall. Level and AA25 anodic oxide film has good performance of acid, can withstand the erosion of acid rain, ensures the service life of aluminium profile, curtain wall. 3, oxide film surface hardness, good wear resistance AA25 level of anodic oxide film on aluminum surface formation of thick and compact oxidation film layer, improve the aluminum surface hardness, good wear resistance, can withstand years of sand erosion, and is regarded as the regular maintenance of the aluminium profile, curtain wall cleaning. 4, good bonding with structural adhesive as the building structure on the use of aluminum profiles, would inevitably encounter between structural adhesive and caking problem. Level AA25 anodic oxidation film on aluminum surface, forming a dense layer of oxide film layer and structural adhesive has good compatibility and cohesiveness, and the phenomenon of oxidation film does not exist to take off the film, do not need to consider the oxide film and aluminum substrate adhesion between problem, these are aluminum powder coating profiles and aluminum fluorocarbon coating material has incomparable advantages.
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