What are the five a01 aluminum profile

by:AAG     2020-11-07

what are the 5 a01. 5 a01 aluminum alloy is a kind of high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, impact resistance, used in ship manufacturing, not only can satisfy the requirement of the design strength, still can make ship's overall weight to save energy consumption and improve payload, parts, thin walled, working procedure to reduce, assembly of high efficiency and high recovery rate of significant advantages. With steel aluminum generation in modern ship manufacturing has become a trend. And because in actual production, process and production control problems, such as 5 a01 alloy production process control there are some unreasonable place, aluminum profile product percent of pass under certain influence. This article from the perspective of practical production, the aluminum profile 5 a01 in production was studied in performance and microstructure of the homogenization heat treatment process, to guide the actual production process control.
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