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by:AAG     2020-11-13
WeChat public platform open city industrial equipment co. , LTD.
WeChat public platform is open, welcome new and old customers to join, here we will provide the latest news on industrial aluminum profiles and accessories and the latest product links or pictures, etc. , and even in the first place to interact with you. Company at the same time of constantly develop new products, are experimenting with new communication tools, in order to get closer with the customer, for customers to know more about our products, to achieve the tacit understanding each other communication.
to join WeChat method is introduced:
1. Registered WeChat. Can through the existing QQ number or mobile phone number registered
2. Add WeChat ID. Through smart phones into WeChat platform - Click on the address book - Some subscription number/add friend - Find the public no. - Search aluminum
3. Through smart phones into WeChat platform, click the button to choose 'scan' function, scan qr code can join WeChat platform below
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