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Vienna meeting incoming metal price

by:AAG     2020-11-07

on Friday. Because of the President of the United States economic policy agenda trump remained uncertain. Allows investors to dodge the dollar. Dollar recorded down slightly. But weekly closed up. Inner and outer plate of the basic metal price. Differentiation is obvious. The LME metal slightly stronger than the Shanghai stock market. Zinc and nickel is relatively strong performance. Released in August at the university of Michigan consumer confidence index value is 97. 6. Aluminum manufacturer from the previous values and expectations are improved. Record since January 2017. The good performance at the university of Michigan consumer confidence index in August. Means that the American people to the market keep optimistic mood. Generally optimistic about the U. S. economic outlook. Chief economist at the university of Michigan consumer survey research center of the Curtin said. Consumer confidence in early August rose to their highest level since January. The reason is that the economy as a whole and individual financial outlook. But Curtin warned. Virginia violence because just happen soon. Don't know if it will also affect the consumer behavior. But he thinks that the violence will reduce people optimistic about the economic outlook. The data. The dollar remains weak shocks. Dallas fed chairman kaplan then the Dallas county community college district conference, said in a question-and-answer session expected GDP growth in 2017 will be a little more than 2% in the United States. Consumer strength in the United States are to support the economy. American families can't afford spending huge aluminum manufacturer. In America's GDP growth. The Labour should be improved. The oil surged last Friday. Unconfirmed reports say. One of the biggest oil refineries in America were shut down. This ease investor concern about excess supply. The price change. Dish in straight line pull litre. Then out of the U. S. in the week ended August 18, oil baker hughes oil drilling posted a decline in total. The previous value reduced 5 mouth. Release value is 763. The biggest drop in seven months. To boost oil prices once again. As of the close. The oil 09 contract rose nearly 4%. Well-known financial blogs zero hedge. Last week, the us oil drilling to reduce 5 to 763. The biggest drop in seven months. However. The 48 states of the original you yield rose to record since July 2015. Despite Friday's sudden spikes in oil prices. But this week the weekly is still in great probability. Because of the law and bank notes. The excess supply situation is unlikely to be solved in a short time.
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