Universal ball, universal transmission, universal ball, steel ball wheel, the bull's eye

by:AAG     2020-11-16
Common name: universal ball, universal transmission, universal ball, steel ball wheel, bull 's-eye etc. Adjust the cup feet, other auxiliary parts, logistics equipment foreign custom make all kinds of stamping parts or materials processing. Characteristics as a result of the universal ball rolling flexible, that run on the job board, material box can be very flexible sliding object, so as to greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, according to the requirements of the different load can be set arbitrary distribution density of universal ball, also can choose different universal ball bearing capacity. Universal ball is made of carbon steel zinc and stainless steel. Universal ball shell materials include: zinc degree of carbon steel and stainless steel two kinds of material. Universal ball ball bearing are: carbon steel, carbon steel, galvanized ball, ball, plastic ball. Scope of application of various kinds of universal ball is suitable for electronics, hardware, mechanical, chemical, food, timber, mines, books, supermarket, rubber and so on all walks of life. Is widely used in the transmission system, feed system, processing, processing machinery and packaging machinery ancillary equipment. Welcome new and old customers call advisory negotiate, to sample, to map custom-made!
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