U. S. sales of previously owned homes in July than expected end four even up | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-10

on Wednesday, the United States in total sales of previously owned homes in July 5. 39 million, and expected for 5. 51 million, June 5. 57 million. After a strong growth after four months, existing-home sales fall, inventory is low. However, existing home prices suggests that the real estate market is still maintained good momentum of growth. The national association of realtors ( NAR) The United States, according to data released on July existing-home sales in 5. 39 million, the total expected for 5. 51 million, June 5. 57 million. U. S. sales of existing homes fell month-on-month 3 July. Drop 1 2%, less than expected. 1%, in June rose 1. 1%. July sales of existing homes fell by 1. 6%. Existing-home sales year-on-year changes in recent years is illustrated below: from the perspective of the region in the northeast, south, Midwest sales of existing homes fell, but sales of existing homes rose in the west. Existing home sales prices median increased 5. 3% to 24. 410000 dollars. NAR said that prices of existing homes, some problems in evaluation, lead to the final purchase time is to lengthen. In July, unsold homes on the market rose 0. 9%, to 2. 13 million households. Although the Numbers from rising, but with the 5. 8% of the decline. In July sales rate, need 4. Seven months of time to digest the stock on the market, from June 4. 5 months rose, but is still in a lower level. Usually, six months of library pin than was thought to be a healthy balance. According to CNBC reported, NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun said, a serious shortage of inventory, purchasing power of people is limited, is July existing-home sales decline. Labour market steady recovery, however, wage growth expansion, mortgage rates are at the bottom of the history, also a support to sales of previously owned homes. According to the data published on Monday, the United States census bureau of commerce, U. S. new home sales from July 12. Down 2% 4%, far more than expected. New home sales in July in 65. 40000, a 2007 years, expectations for 580000. Homes and housing data show that the U. S. real estate market continues to recover.
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