U. S. retail better than expected and the largest increase since December 2016

by:AAG     2020-11-07

SMM information: on August 15, July retail Sales figures released in the United States, from the largest increase since December 2016, marked the U. S. consumer spending a strong start in the third quarter. U. S. retail Sales in July rose 0. 0 6%, better than expected. 3%, showing the employment data better, aluminum co. , inflation, purchasing power and lower borrowing costs are rising. At the same time, after two months of retail Sales data is also a positive correction. So far, U. S. retail Sales rose data has a nonnegative for five consecutive months. In addition, the year-on-year increase in retail Sales in July 4. 2%. From the classification of car dealerships and non store retail set a maximum growth throughout the year, retail Sales and online shopping has also been a day boost from large e-commerce sites. Car Sales rose in July 1. 2%, becoming the largest increase since December 2016. Car sales rose from the dealer discount strategy. Face huge inventories, car dealers to take discount strategy to attract consumers, which makes car prices in July the biggest decline in nearly eight years. By the amazon, promotions, online shopping rise on July 1. 3%, as well as the largest increase since December 2016. 1. In addition, aluminum construction supplies retailer growth. 2%, department store Sales growth of 1%. Data after the release, the dollar index quickly pull litre, break through 94. Aluminum profile spot gold fell quickly, fell below $1270 an ounce, days are down about 1%. The 10-year Treasury yields higher quickly, refresh the day up to 2. Gained 278%, days after about 6 basis points. The s&p 500 index futures also extended gains.
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