u.s. aluminum producers urge permanent tariff exemptions for canada

by:AAG     2020-11-05
S. aluminum producers have sent a request to the United States. S.
President Donald Trump will grant permanent tariff exemptions to trading partners, including Canada, which he believes will harm downstream manufacturers who rely on imported metals.
The industry\'s appeal at the major trade associations in the United States came as Canada temporarily suspended its 10-cent aluminum tariff and 25-cent steel tariff, which will expire on May 1. The U. S.
He said the exemption depends on the successful renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which remains the subject of intense negotiations in Washington.
\"I urge you to grant a permanent exemption --
No quota
For us as an aluminum trading partner operating in a market economy, \"Heidi Brock, Alcoa\'s chief executive)S.
The Aluminum Association said in a letter to Trump this week.
\"I also encourage you to work with China to solve the problem of structural aluminum overcapacity. ”Though the U. S. consumes 5.
It produces 5 million tons of aluminum per year and only 700,000 tons of metal.
The biggest share of this deficit is borne by Canada, which has only two ships.
According to the Canadian Aluminum Association, mainly from smelters in Quebec and BC, there are 8 million tons of aluminum per year.
Russia supplies the second largest quantity of about 800,000 tons, followed by Middle Eastern countries
A total of 600,000 tons.
Aluminum is also imported from other countries, but the quantity is much smaller.
But a series of recent announcementsS.
Trade measures led to supply chaos.
Middle East countries are facing comprehensive US sanctions. S. tariffs.
Russia\'s largest aluminium producer, ruscompany Rusal, has also been hit by the United States. S.
Sanctions to prevent US companies from buying its metal
Although the government recently extended the deadline for sanctions by five months. The U. S.
The ability to increase production to 2 million tons, but there is still a deficit, raising concerns that any further disruption in trade relations could lead to a metal shortage in the country, of which 97 in the United StatesS.
Jobs in the aluminum industry are concentrated in \"downstream production \"-
This is the processing and service of a large number of imported aluminum.
Any additional quotas or tariffs on trading partners \"may result in a half
Products made from China are more competitive in the United StatesS.
\"The market is changing as manufacturers rush to find metals,\" Brock wrote . \"
China accounts for more than half of the world\'s aluminum production.
From 11 in 2000
It is also accused of providing subsidies to domestic producers that curb global prices.
\"There are other countries that have problems across the country.
It\'s reasonable to transport Chinese metals and incorporate them into these tariffs, but we think the real problem in the market is China\'s overcapacity, \"said Matt Menan, senior director of public affairs at Virginia-
Based on association.
The Canadian government announced on Wednesday that it plans to spend $30 million over five years and hire 40 new trade investigators to review trade complaints, including those related to illegal trade.
Transport and transfer of cheap foreign steel to the North American market. The moves —
First released on a wide scale late last month
Designed to prevent Canada from becoming a \"back door\" to enter the United States\"S.
Foreign steel and other products.
After the government initially provided funding, it added $6 a year.
8 million border services Canada and Global Affairs Canada. Illegal trans-
Transportation is a process in which a country exports steel or aluminum to a second country, in which, in order to avoid tariffs imposed in a third country, its origin is forged.
The United States has repeatedly raised this as a question. S.
This shows that jobs in the United States are being threatened by this practice.
Joe Galimberti, president of the Canadian Steel Producers Association, said: \"I think the measures announced today provide the impetus for the US argument that Canada has the capacity to address any concerns about transshipment . \".
\"We pay great attention (exemption)
Due date and hope to reach agreement in advance.
Eric Miller said that while Canada\'s exemption from tariffs has to do with the successful renegotiation of the NAFTA, it is unlikely that the full agreement will be signed in time by the May 1 due date, head of the Rideau Potomac Strategy Group in Washington
Trade Consultancy. “The U. S.
The way to solve this problem is so confusing, it\'s hard to see how you get anything now, other than formal trading, \"he said.
\"But my feeling is that the negotiations are confusing enough, and while the tariffs are mixed, they are not at the heart of what is going on.
Jean Simard said: \"Even if there is an exemption, the uncertainty caused by the continued threat of tariffs has adversely affected investment in the Canadian aluminum industry, president of the Canadian aluminum producers association.
\"The plan was either put on hold or moved south of the border,\" he said . \".
\"We are all in a wait-and-see mode, as are the rest of the world.
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