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Two big industry park project construction of the latest progress! | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-06

at present, the central energy-saving Windows and doors industrial park, China aluminum template industrial park projects as rapid advance, the factory construction on a new look day by day. Under the view below project construction site. Energy-saving Windows and doors industrial park central area B issue of 101, 102, 103 factories outside the Windows installation completed, beautiful plant striking appearance; 104, 105, 106, factory building under construction, the secondary structure of enclosure wall laying; Area B phase ii is on the basis of the construction. Del del B phase B area of construction area, in addition, the second phase of infrastructure B, 201, 205 business area is the main body construction. Among them, 201, three layer construction area subject to acceleration. China-eu energy-saving Windows and doors industrial park the energy-saving Windows and doors industrial park is located in the China aluminum industry base, China aluminum alloy decoration material industrial base, China's energy-saving Windows and doors industrial base & ndash; — Shandong LinQu. Planning land area of 2. 4 million ㎡, plans a total investment of 5 billion yuan, six points ABCDEF area. A ( B) Covers an area of 340000 ㎡, planning construction area of 330000 ㎡, is under construction at present, the end of 2017 put into operation in succession. Industrial park mainly high-end energy-saving Windows and doors production research and development, Windows and doors production and processing enterprises and related industry chain, is the collection product design, production and processing, product display, technology exchange, information release, business office, etc in the integration of high-tech industrial park, to build China's largest modern energy-saving Windows and doors production research and development base, as China's doors and Windows industry & other; Silicon valley & throughout; 。 China's aluminium template industrial park at present, China's aluminium templates industrial park construction is steadily push forward. Among them, the metal trough shenzhen blockbuster company production workshop, static load experiments being carried on has now completed two workshop test, the third in the experiment of workplace; Jiang Xizhi, hebei maxtor Lin, the morning sun, companies such as workshop project earthwork compaction pressure filling, ground infrastructure work still rapid advance. China aluminum template industrial park industrial park planning land of 4000 mu, China's aluminium template is divided into A, B, C, D four section, industrial park mainly aluminum production and processing templates, gather large domestic aluminum template production and processing enterprises and related supporting services, is the collection research and development, design, technical services, information release, the production processing, engineering construction, installation and rental sales, warehousing logistics, etc, which integrates high-tech industrial park. Industrial park planning land area of 730000 square meters, existing Jiang Xizhi, shenzhen blockbuster, hebei maxtor and beauty in the sunshine and Lin die several aluminum formwork and supporting services such as logistics enterprise formally in industrial park and is about to start construction, is expected by the end of 2017 or more enterprises will be put into production DaXiao. Industrial park was built after the operation, will become the domestic billions of modern industry base aluminum template with a new landmark of the development of Chinese aluminum industry template.
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