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Transportation, aerospace equipment increasingly tend to be new aluminum | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

is not only a car, in such as railway transportation, ocean shipping, air, such as the transportation equipment industry, quality is light, good performance, can be recycled aluminum alloy material is demonstrated its huge advantage. In chongqing this year, the three-day & # 39; China's transportation exhibition in aluminum & # 39; , traffic with aluminum as the biggest bright spot, its popularity, according to the traffic has been becoming the new economic growth pole of the aluminium industry in aluminum. At present, the railway total mileage has reached 11. 20000 kilometers, the large-scale infrastructure investment continues, in the pursuit of greater economic efficiency, more and more high to the requirement of vehicle weight. Such as large capacity, low cost, energy conservation and environmental protection goal be the first choice of the comprehensive traffic development in our country. All steel can do, more light and hard alloy almost can do, and even can do better. Then, with a light quality and good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, aluminum alloy application in railway transportation has been rapid development. In July last year, led by sheng tong group, the joint of hunan university, gen yuan aluminum, south car plant machine Shared & # 39; Rail transit key technology research and development with aluminum alloy car-body material & # 39; Project, it is lightweight market application on rail transportation as a guide. This November is holding the 6th guangdong aluminum processing technology ( International) Workshop is also focusing on aluminum production and supporting industries, highlight the & # 39; Traffic with aluminum & # 39; Subject, in order to promote transportation industry and aluminum processing industry development, promote the lightweight process in the adjustment of industrial structure to the aluminum processing industry in our country provide a strong driving force. In addition, the aluminum alloy in the field of aviation industry application is very wide also, because of its high strength, plasticity, impact toughness, fatigue performance and weldability. Aluminium alloy is mainly used as structural materials on the plane, such as: rigging, framework, propeller, fuel tank, wall plate and the landing gear strut, etc. , a set of data show that in the structure of modern aircraft, the use of 1500 ~ 2000 kinds of aluminum castings. Even the launch & # 39; Apollo & # 39; The spacecraft & # 39; Saturn & # 39; 5 rocket fuel tank at all levels, oxidant box, box section, between interstage section, late and instruments are made of aluminum alloy. Shanghai than di industrial aluminum accessories co. , LTD. , was founded in 2004, the first European advanced industrial aluminum system technology is introduced into China, through technical innovation and production practice, founded the domestic industry's first APS brands with proprietary intellectual property rights, and formulated a series of industrial aluminum industry standards and related accessories. At present, the APS brand has developed into a domestic factory production line and leader in the field of industrial automation. We will provide & other; The user is supreme, customized & throughout; Service tenet, & other; Quality, service and customer satisfaction & throughout; As the service standards, & other; Technology innovation and product development & throughout; As the core competitiveness. Products from the mold design development to production, from product processed to surface treatment, from simple systematic manufacturing aluminum frame processing to automatic assembly line device, we at once and are proud of industry leading companies to provide products and services for! APS series product variety, the APS quality oubiao industrial aluminum and flexible and convenient for fitting, in mechanical manufacturing, factory equipment, industrial production line, factory automation and automated production equipment, and other fields, to bring our customers such as: exhibition frame structure, equipment, machinery casings, machine frame protection device, protective barrier, safety fence, industrial assembly line, products work station, etc. High quality products and related services, design and manufacture a series of industrial production equipment, realize the industrial equipment and efficient, flexible, material simplification. We constantly improve technology space, make it more reliable, more flexible, continuously provide customers with more quality products and comprehensive services.
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