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Traditional template was compared with the aluminum manufacturer template

by:AAG     2020-11-07

traditional template was compared with the aluminum manufacturer template has a traditional architecture template to the current domestic basically has the following kinds: 1) The most traditional wooden template, the more common is cypress wood template and pine template, this template is relatively light, lower cost, but the durability is not too good, and repeated utilization ratio is very low. 2) Steel template, just as its name implies is steel, strength is very large, but the weight is overweight, repeated use, cost is extremely high. Plastic template, not afraid of water, low cost, durable, but strength is not enough. Compared to the above three kinds of traditional template, aluminum templates and reuse is far too early before three common template, high strength and light weight, does not rust, suitable place and some south tide. Aluminum is the most main template assembly after the completion of a casting, if it is the same floor, like a neighborhood repetitive floor sample, using aluminum template, time limit for a project and price advantage is obvious. And flat-fell seam is fine, as wall is very beautiful, the later is decorated also very convenient. Relative to the traditional template aluminum manufacturer template has the following advantages: 1) Short construction period: aluminum mould manufacturers building template system for quick release system, a set of templates to normal construction layer can achieve four or five days, greatly save the management cost of unit construction ( Macao project under construction - at present TN27 public rental housing construction layer can be up to three days. 2) Reused many times, the average use of low cost: aluminum manufacturers building aluminum formwork system adopts the whole extrusion forming aluminum manufacturers profiles do raw material ( 6063 - 6061 - T6 or T6) Specification, a set of template construction use 300 - reversible More than 500 times, the average cost is low. 3) Construction is convenient, high efficiency: aluminum manufacturers building template system assembly is simple, convenient, average weight 30 kg/m2, completely by artificial assembly, do not need any mechanical equipment assistance ( Construction workers are usually only need a wrench or small hammer, convenient and quick. ) , the installation of skilled workers 20 - per person per day can be installed 30 square meters ( Compared with wood pattern: aluminum mold installation workers need only 70 - block installation workers 80%, and there's no need to skilled workers, just before the installation of construction personnel training of simple) 。 4) Good stability, high bearing capacity: aluminum manufacturers building template system all parts are made from aluminum manufacturers plate assembly, system assembly is completed, forming a whole framework, the stability is very good; Bearing capacity can reach 60 kn per square metre. 5) A wide scope of application: aluminum manufacturers building template is suitable for wall, floor level, columns, beams, staircases, windowsill, floating plate position such as the use of. 6) Concrete surface effect after dismantle: aluminum manufacturers building template after ripping, concrete surface quality is bright and clean level off, basically can achieve veneer and concrete requirements, the need for batch swings, batch swings costs can be saved. 7) Scene construction garbage: aluminum manufacturers building template system all parts can be repeated use, construction, dismantle the scene without any garbage, construction environment safety, aluminum production factory clean and tidy. 8) Standards, strong commonality: aluminum manufacturers building template specifications, can use different size panel according to the project; Used by the template in reconstructing new buildings, 20 - simply replaced About 30% of the standard plate, can reduce the cost. 9) High recovery value: aluminum manufacturers building template scrap, when waste treatment salvage value is high, the capitation cost advantage obviously, The recycling price per square meter in about 400 yuan) 。 10) Low carbon emissions: aluminum manufacturers building template system all materials are renewable materials, conform to the state of construction energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon, emissions regulations. Aluminum manufacturers many developed countries have regulations construction projects are not allowed to be in the use of wooden template, need to use the template of renewable materials. 11) Convenient support system: the traditional construction method of formwork construction technology such as floor, platform, widely used full framing, work fee. And the scene of the aluminum template shuttering support bar is relatively less, Adopt independent support spacing of a 1200 mm) Personnel, the operating space is large, passage, materials handling, site is easy to management.
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