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To wind capacity comeback of the electrolytic aluminum industry to improve the performance

by:AAG     2020-11-06

to wind back capacity electrolytic aluminum industry to improve the performance & other; After this round of policy reform, electrolytic aluminium industry although there will be price fluctuations, but difficult to have losses. ” In the face of recent news to capacity and spread, electrolytic aluminium industry of the securities times & middot; E company reporter said. To wind capacity again recently, shandong the weiqiao pioneering group co. , LTD. ( Shandong weiqiao) Its aluminium project production 250000 tons of news, industry wide attention both inside and outside. As a listed company, shandong weiqiao its aluminium plate China hongqiao capacity of about 8. 32 million tons, accounting for 70% of the total output of shandong aluminium can. Cutting the industry giants, called the bellwether of the electrolytic aluminium rise to a wide range of capacity. “ In fact, shandong weiqiao production of 250000 tons is obsolete items, electrolytic cell aging equipment already. Do not form the production of weiqiao production, industrial aluminum profile to scare the mean stronger. ” Mr Wu told reporters in the electrolytic aluminum industry in xinjiang, shandong weiqiao production or is just the beginning, the wider production is barreling in xinjiang. “ Previously, xinjiang kayuen aluminum 150000 tons of second phase of construction has started production in accordance with the requirements, production capacity plan stop groove on June 30. In early July, reports that inspection will be stationed in xinjiang, again want to xinjiang east non-ferrous metal co. , LTD. , built in violation to shut down production capacity. If new violations capacity were shut down, it is really big. ” He said. Also, guotai junan securities research report said, shandong weiqiao subsequent actual capacity to change or millions in order of magnitude. “ To early next year at the end of this year, shut down and building capacity will reach 3 million tons to 5 million tons. May be at the end of this year, aluminum will appear obvious gap. ” An unnamed industry analyst told reporters. Aluminum prices will be better to day according to the statistics, the recent aluminium market price fluctuates in 13700 yuan/ton. “ This price, although is closer than in mid-april 15000 yuan/ton price fall, industrial aluminum business days are still very good. ” Zhuo keline aluminium industry analyst said, aluminum prices in 2015 from 13320 yuan/ton fell to its lowest 9710 yuan/ton. It is understood that the current domestic production a ton aluminum costs about 9000 yuan/ton to 11000 yuan/ton, aluminum industry upstream and downstream enterprises under the current price in a more profitable range. Improved performance of aluminum industry in recent years, also can be clearly reflected from the listed company earnings. Journalists, Wind plate 22 in the listed company citic primary aluminum industry, net profit growth of 20, 2016, including nine increase more than 100%. Jiaozuo ten thousand square, cloud aluminum profit growth of up to 258 shares. 7%, 276. 03%. And in the first quarter of 2017, all the 22 listed company net profit year-on-year growth in 19, including 10 increase by more than 100%. Chinalco, grace ball resources, macro and holding profit growth of 2068 respectively. 74%, 770. 64%, 676. 65%. Wu believes that commodity prices is ultimately determined by market supply and demand. In the future, as the policy, new capacity and illegal construction capacity is stop, orderly market as a whole will return to the status of production. Although prices will still be with the good and bad news, but the day of the enterprise should be better. , keline also said that at present the country has forbidden aluminium new capacity, and want to build factories have no indicators, it will directly affect the growth of the industry as a whole production capacity. Companies from early development of a disorderly spell for the amount of vortex, in the pursuit of profit within a reasonable range.
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