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To increase its stake in five consecutive months China U. S. title of largest foreign creditor

by:AAG     2020-11-07

to increase its stake in five consecutive months China's U. S. title of largest foreign creditor SMM information: surpassed by Japan after nine months, China has become the largest overseas holder of America's. The us Treasury international capital flows report released on Tuesday by the ( TIC) Show, in June 2017, the United States government debt held by the China month-on-month increase $44. 3 billion, increased to 1. 1. 465 quadrillion dollars. So far, China for five consecutive months to increase us treasuries, position size of record nine months in June. TIC data showed that U. S. debt held by the Japanese in June fell $20. 5 billion, down to 1. 0. 908 quadrillion dollars. Aluminum profile in May this year, China and Japan hold U. S. debt scale is only a difference of $9. 1 billion, is Japan's position in October last year surpassed the minimum gap since China. TIC data also showed that in June the flow of international capital. International capital inflows into $7. 7 billion in the United States, June, fell 86%, net scale may take $2. 6 billion to $54. 7 billion. Long-term capital inflows into $34. 4 billion in the United States, June than in May a 63% drop in net inflows scale. TIC below screenshot shows in June 2016 to June 2017, the main countries and regions every month hold U. S. debt scale, the unit is $1 billion. Reserves rose for six months capital outflow pressure obviously alleviate the People's Bank of China announced earlier this month, July store yoy increase 239 abroad. $300 million, increased to 3. 08. 072 quadrillion dollars. It's reserves for the first time since June 2014 six consecutive month-on-month growth, and it is in January this year fell below & other; Throughout three trillion &; After round number, for six consecutive months more than 3 trillion dollars. American media believe that store further recovery in mid-july abroad reflects the fact that the RMB 7 month stronger and domestic economic growth remains robust. Since this year the Chinese government the stability of the RMB exchange rate, aluminum alloy profile cross-border capital flows more tightly controlled measures such as reduce the stress capital outflows. Traffic bank financial research center, a senior researcher at liu believes that China's reserves continued improvement has two big driver, an African-American asset valuation, the second is the impact of capital flows of foreign reserve decreases. But he expects, the dollar index fell further space is limited, currency valuation, the contribution of the foreign reserve may fall and may restrict reserves. And up the opposite situation with the reserves, as of June this year, the central bank's foreign exchange data for 20 months of negative growth. People's Daily said, citing experts predict the cross-border capital outflow pressure is still there. Huatai securities, chief macroeconomic analyst li chao pointed out, and the reserves value considering the dollar exchange rate changes and changes in return on assets, foreign exchange reflect real central bank currency markets. In the case of RMB exchange rate basically stable, foreign exchange is more important, it is directly related to the monetary base. Foreign exchange index to measure the capital market liquidity is more effective.
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