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Three main factors of influencing quality of aluminum

by:AAG     2020-11-07

influence aluminum quality advantages and disadvantages of three main factors on the market of aluminium alloy jumbly, decided to good quality aluminum, the key is the following three factors, today small make up to explain to you: 1. Aluminum alloy melting furnace melting furnace is also vital, more commonly used for square furnace ( Rectangular furnace) Advanced for the circular furnace, some circular aluminum furnace can tilt down water. Theory of tonnage has a ton, 2 tons, five tons, 10 tons, 25 tons and 50 tons of melting aluminium furnace. A little more advanced, below the melting aluminium furnace add, let stand in a quiet place furnace important compound alloy used, can be in the furnace slag degassing, quiet place, and then cast aluminum rods, used for extrusion. Generally the stove, no matter what fuel burning, are due and chimneys, fuel in the combustion process can produce most of the waste slag from the pipe. Such as aluminum pipe waste slag melt all over the water, so cast aluminium rods for extrusion, inside there is serious slag bubble, this is one reason for the poor quality of the aluminum, one reason why the price is cheap. 2. Alloy made of alloy elements have qualified formula, to ensure the quality, otherwise how after processing aluminum, quality also couldn't get on. Some manufacturer in order to reduce costs, the magnesium consumption to a minimum allowing content. Some of what is more, the magnesium content is lower than the allowed minimum content. The aluminum low mechanical strength, can be low to a bend bend easily with both hands, commonly known as soft as well as noodles. This is one reason why can cheap aluminum thousands of yuan. Formal aluminum material in the preparation of alloy composition, has the internal standard, is within the scope of the various elements, GeChang have their own smaller range, aluminum, magnesium, and silicon is strict proportion, GeChang has its own data, secret each other. 3. There are many different kinds of profile extrusion profiles extrusion machine in our country, the grade level, for the most of the world. Have our own factory of simple extrusion machine, useful squeezed plastic machine, there are a few homebred, second most is Japan, the United States and Germany, have pressure, oil pressure. Anyhow domestic hundreds of extrusion machine is multifarious. Is generally believed that Japan, the United States, Germany, extruding machine is better. Good and bad of extrusion machine, the same casting rods, extrusion profiles quality will never. High quality with the ordinary aluminium or refining tool, can cause aluminum quality deviation is large, the above on tools, technologies, improve their products, believe that will be lower than the product is easier to get industry recognition.
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