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This week to review (aluminum industry 5. 23 - 5. 27) | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-09

bauxite supply enough aluminum prices are still under the ceiling support chinalco bauxite supply still enough, the price a rut. Ban will be extended for three months in Malaysia, Indonesia also failed to ban bauxite, but due to the layout of the domestic aluminum prices early in overseas markets, bauxite supply is not affected by large electrolytic aluminium: plus ca change down too early to chinalco prices pullback quotation again this week, I know, there are many factors that lead to falling: the macro is somewhat pessimistic, to later production capacity increase are expected, the arbitrage capital operation such as ShangFuShan: non-ferrous industry's cyclical adjustment will continue chinalco webex each data decline narrowed since march, April, since the market there have been some more positive changes, but expect the non-ferrous industry cyclical adjustment will continue fill three short board to promote guangxi nonferrous metals industrial transformation and upgrading, such as chinalco webex ministry recently reported in the first quarter this year industrial benefit, according to the situation in the first quarter of guangxi industrial enterprises above designated size 6 main business revenue growth. 7%, more than 1 - On February 1. 1%, growth in the sixth, the west fourth pipes high-speed rail can be put into operation in 2021 into aluminum used new luminescent spot chinalco network - pipe high iron & throughout; Can also be called & other; Super high-speed & throughout; May be put into operation in 2021, will be the cars, trains, ships, aircraft, 5 kinds of transport mode after China's first overseas alumina production line completed chinalco webex high above the generator set, extending through the ore channel, perfect supporting pier berth, unified planning of dormitory housing. Hongfa WeiLi alumina factory in Indonesia, ground, spectacular is used to describe the modern alumina industrial park is the most appropriate YangMei group zhaofeng electrolytic aluminium factory production chinalco on May 19, YangMei group zhaofeng aluminum electric aluminium branch factory production. The plant's production start, has important significance to the development of the city aluminum electric industrial chain GuiLv end eight years of losses for the first time to operate profitable chinalco recently, from chinalco's stake in guizhou branch of the financial sector, according to the company achieved profitability in April in xinjiang, and become the first in xinjiang by low carbon product authentication enterprise chinalco webex to better promote the and xinjiang & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Green energy-saving products, in the low carbon product certification of the leading group, the company actively carry out low carbon product certification, after nearly three months of efforts, the company building aluminum shaped through low carbon product certification, and achieved low carbon product certification certificate issued by the CQC, becoming the first low carbon products in xinjiang uygur autonomous region authentication enterprise investment group of qinghai qiaotou aluminum electric smelting branch was formally established on May 20, chinalco network - on the morning of qinghai qiaotou aluminum electricity investment group company at the scene of the 160000 tons of smelting project production line, casting branch was established and the ceremony held bauxite: imported ore reached a record high in April in guinea as the second chinalco according to import customs data, a slight drop in imports of bauxite in China in April to 4. 41 million tons, compared with less 5. 93%, fell 13. 75%, the first four months of China's total imports 18. 04 million tons of bauxite, 22 year-on-year growth. '91% of China's investment will Russia joining into & other; Aluminum valley & throughout; Special economic zones, chinalco Russia's press office said the aluminum association, said Chinese companies are interested in krasnoyarsk region construction in order to support the special economic zone of Japanese spot of aluminum aluminum premium continues to decline, thinly traded, according to announced on May 24, the Japanese import spot than the LME spot aluminium contract premium on Tuesday forecast in the 90 - tonne 92 dollars, cif ( CIF) Benchmark, below the 90 - tonne $100, for buying a downturn by seller under pressure aluminum prices, industrial aluminum.
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