Aluminum tube and square

Thick wall aluminum products

by:AAG     2020-11-06

thick-walled aluminum products qualities of aluminum pipe are in high demand in China, different models of aluminum aluminum tube also have different effect, small make up today is simple for you to describe the characteristics of thick-walled aluminum tube. Thick-walled aluminum tube in metal hardness and its measuring method. At present, aluminum hardness test method a total of six national standards. The six national standard includes all hard and soft metal test method. Aluminum at the same time, according to the test force state, the six national standards can be divided into two kinds, the static force or dynamic test force hardness test method. Dynamic test force national standard test method for determination of some large workpiece hardness, widen the application range of the hardness test method metal hardness metal hardness is essentially material to resist another hard pressed into the ability. Or a material resists the local deformation, especially the plastic deformation, indentation, or scratches. Hardness is a measure of metal soft hard criterion. Through hardness test can reflect the metal materials in different chemical composition, the structure of the organization and the difference of performance under the condition of heat treatment process, so the hardness test is widely used in gold.
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