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The State Council issued to cancel production license for aluminum alloy processing | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-06

on June 13, the deepening & other; The pipes clothing & throughout; Reform of the TV conference call, prime minister li keqiang clear requirements & other; This year to reduce 50% of the industrial products production license & throughout; 。 Presided over the next day, he held a state council executive meeting, determine the cancel and down a number of industrial products production license, simplify examination and approval procedures, promote innovation and manufacturing quality, decided to part of the province ( Area) Aluminum profile construction green financial reform and innovation experimental zone, promote green economy transformation and upgrading. On June 29, the State Council issued 'on the adjustment of industrial products production license management directory and try out the decision of the simplify examination and approval procedures'. Which production license has been adjusted, which approval process is simplified, together with you to see!
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