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The service life of industrial aluminum scaffolding framework it is influenced by what?

by:AAG     2020-11-15
Aluminum frame is we often say: aluminum workbench, industrial fence, equipment, protective cover, aluminum shelves and clean the shed, and so on aluminum alloy products assembled from aluminum box body. Industrial aluminium profile in addition to corrosion has an attractive advantages is its service life is very long, but the length of time will also vary, there are always some external internal factors affect its lifespan. Such as: 1. Aluminum thickness is not enough, the assembly of shelves carry doesn't satisfy the need aluminum frame original bearing requirements. 2. Aluminum alloy purity is not enough, adding aluminum is not 100% pure aluminum, is mixed with the recycling aluminum scrap aluminum inside can influence the hardness of the aluminum alloy itself performance lead to overall assembly of aluminum alloy frame hardness is not enough. 3. Aluminum frame design is unreasonable, the place with the lightweight materials with heavy materials, instability in frame structure will be loose. 4. Aluminum frame installation when used in aluminum fittings ( Accessories) Quality is bad, can damage in the process of use for a long time, the influence of the whole aluminum alloy frame structure. 5. Aluminum alloy frame actually use the environment, such as forklift operation such as gravity collisions result in aluminum extrusion deformation, etc. Aluminum frame anticorrosive moistureproof and easy to clean, but because of these several internal or external, will affect the service life of it, this is very normal thing, if you want to ensure long service life of aluminum frame, you must ensure that the reasonable design reasonable and use good raw materials, the use of good protected environment and high quality aluminium profile accessories.
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