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The second half of the personage inside course of study: non-ferrous plate

by:AAG     2020-11-07

the personage inside course of study: the second half of the bullish on non-ferrous plate statistics show that as of August 20, Shanghai and shenzhen two city a total of 51 listed aluminum non-ferrous metal aluminum manufacturers released interim results report, nearly ninety percent aluminum manufacturer net profit year-on-year growth; 15 listed aluminum manufacturers released third quarter earnings forecast, all happy. The personage inside course of study says, positive in the macroeconomic stability, environmental protection supervision stricter and supply side structural reform under the background of advancing continuously, non-ferrous metal prices are expected to continue to rise, watch the non-ferrous plate in the second half of the market. Most aluminum manufacturer performance beautiful have released their annual reports of 51 listed aluminum manufacturer, 45 net profit year-on-year growth. Among them, the net profit rose more than 10 times of five, net profit more than doubled in 15. Huatai securities analyst li bin non-ferrous metal to China securities journal reporter said that the first half of 2017 domestic zinc spot for an average of 2. 220000 yuan/ton, rose about 54%, rose more than 20%. From the point of actual supply and demand data, zinc concentrate by overseas mining production, the impact of the closure of 2015, the shortage of supply; Downstream aluminum manufacturers such as construction, automobile, real estate and positive demand, supply and demand gap support prices high. In 2017, mines at home and abroad is still in production cycle, less actual new production, zinc concentrate supply shortage years duration. Superposition of macroscopic economic recovery supply side so, quantity and price reform to promote aluminum aluminum factory aluminum aluminum manufacturer performance into non-ferrous metal aluminum factory half a highlight of the annual report. Five net profit year-on-year growth of more than 10 times listed aluminum factory, has three main business is aluminum aluminum manufacturer. Grace ball resources in first-half net profit up 1601% from a year earlier, state shares ( 300337, clinical shares) Half year net profit rose 1078%, aluminum corporation of China ( Line 601600, clinical shares) Half year net profit up 1006% from a year earlier. Chinalco, said net profit in the first half of 2017, mainly products prices rise a huge produced products gross margin increase quickly, in the first half of the alumina prices rose 45. 12%. Advance in the fight against illegal mining strength and improving demand background, rare earth prices have soared, neodymium praseodymium oxide prices jumped 70% in the first half of the year. As a result, the rare earth related listed aluminum factory beautiful performance. Rare earths (north 600111, clinical shares) In the first half of 2017 net profit of 1. 1. 2 billion yuan, an increase of 258. 27%. Sheng and resources ( 600392, clinical shares) In the first half of 2017 net profit of 1. 3. 5 billion yuan, compared with the loss of 23. 09 million yuan over the same period of last year, a sharp turnround. Two aluminum manufacturers have said the main reason for the growth of, in the first half of the miit joint related ministries and commissions of rare earth aluminum manufacturer to launch the whole operation, promote the rare earth aluminum manufacturer order rectification work, stability of rare earth product market, rare earth products prices generally rise. Rare earth market demand moderate increase at the same time, drive the boom of rare earth aluminum manufacturers. Demand growth is expected to form has its third-quarter earnings forecast of 15 listed aluminum manufacturers all joy, among them, eight beforehand, four turnround, three slightly increased. August 18, the National Development and Reform Commission issued July part commodity prices and refers to the number, the national nonferrous metals price index for 83. 00, rose 14. 20 points. Li bin said, according to the experience at home and abroad, supply side effect of the implementation of reform and lasts for 3 to 5 years, even longer. According to our country in the 1990 s the supply side of the textile industry reform and the reform of the United States in 2001 to supply side effect, industry in three to five years after the policy implementation, corporate profits changed significantly, and the industrial concentration is also improved. “ Supply side reforms began in 2015, black industry has lasted nearly two years, no matter prices or corporate profits, essential changes have taken place. In iron and steel, for example, aluminum manufacturer before mass loss, but in the first quarter of 2017 aluminum manufacturer to profitability, all listed steel aluminum manufacturer of PE back to 10 to 15 times the level, and with the recent price increases to further improve profit trends. ” Li bin, said representative supply side reform benefit aluminum manufacturer for aluminium and rare earth, supply side open reform in 2017, the supply side of the colored reform is far from over, expected effect will last for at least 2 years to 3 years. Wide hair negotiable securities of non-ferrous metals, chief analyst at xian giant countries told reporters that the global large-scale infrastructure often comes from the mid-range capacity of globalization. In low - and capacity from Europe to America, America to Asia's four small dragons, Asian tigers to China after the transfer of the our country is in a new round of mid-range capacity transfer the initial stage of globalization. In this cycle, base metals as well as many small metal varieties all can benefit. “ We will face a new round of global mid-range industry transfer, and the formation of the supporting capacity building boom. This is bound to usher in a new round of investment in fixed assets in the global range, forming non-ferrous metal new demand growth, thus open base metals business cycle. At this point, therefore, investors should focus on base metals investment opportunities. ” The giant countries xian said.
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