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The same type on the anodized aluminum product appear different color after dyeing

by:AAG     2020-11-05

the same models on the anodized aluminum product after dyeing different reasons such as color in the same groove anodic oxidation and dyeing at the same time appear this kind of fault, the problem may be clamped. ( 1) One of the clamping loose, causing poor contact, a thin film layer. ( 2) One jig section is too small, let not the current normal, lead to fixture fever, workbench power consumption is too large, through the current density of the parts is too small. Aluminum models with different models and the relationship between the velocity of bubble film aluminum, the electrical conductivity after chemical conversion processing, differences in external appearance than for other craft formulation is more obvious differences between the oxide film obtained. High purity aluminum film was slow; The aluminium purity is low, the opposite. Therefore must according to the different aluminium oxide. To do this, different types of aluminum parts are not allowed to tie in the same string, in order to avoid and unable to control their suitable oxidation time. The pros and cons of aluminum components can distinguish when alkali corrosion, such as surface after alkali corrosion has too much film of aluminum film industry, or red membrane, is necessarily with high silicon or contain copper aluminum, the aluminum chemical conversion film on the time shortened, otherwise obtained must be difficult to meet the requirements of conductive film layer.
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