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The Russian completed the world's first full aluminium aircraft engines

by:AAG     2020-11-06

university of technology (Novosibirsk, Russia NTU) , has developed the billed as the world's first full aluminium aircraft engines, can be installed in the two-seater Yak - 52 coach on board. To defend the world ( 防御世界) Reports, the plane has always sought to lightweight, easy to fly, only part of the engine is often the most heavy, however, because the engine needs wear-resisting, oxidation resistance, resistance to high temperature, so the need of high strength steel alloy. But Russian Novosibirsk university of technology breakthrough came in aluminum material, they all aluminum engine weight is only 200 kilograms, is lighter than previous steel alloy engine on 50 kg. According to itar-tass reported, change the Yak - aluminum A 10% increase in 52 aircraft lift, fuel consumption fell 15%. According to the developers, they are on the aluminum parts made of special high hardness film processing, aluminum makes aluminum resistance to high temperature and wear resistance, even the highest load components, namely the crankshaft, cylinder liner and the flywheel part are also applicable. Novosibirsk university believes that it will be important to improve engine technology, if can apply the plane engine, so the other car engine can also, or small unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) engine, or even individual power plant. 雅克- 52 Soviet air force is of primary trainer, when I was flying for the first time in 1976, still continue to produce in Romania, but most have to civilian use, simple operation features, as many private flight enthusiasts.
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