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The National Development and Reform Commission approval intensive infrastructure projects throughout the second half of the fixed pitch or speed up

by:AAG     2020-11-07

the National Development and Reform Commission has approved a dense group of local infrastructure investment project, at the same time, expect the second half of the fixed asset investment will be further accelerated. It is reported that the National Development and Reform Commission recently approved for straight urumqi airport reconstruction project, the new guangxi yulin civil airport project, the new railway between Shanghai and nantong taicang to four group section of construction projects, such as a total investment of nearly 80 billion yuan. Meng Wei introduction, development and reform commission spokesman, in July, the National Development and Reform Commission has approved by the examination and approval of fixed asset investment project, 22, a total investment of 165. 5 billion yuan, mainly in the aluminum profile of energy, water conservancy, transportation and high technology. And as of the end of June this year, 13 kinds of major 9 package has the total project investment. 9 trillion yuan, started special 58, 601 projects. According to introducing, since this year, the central and local governments at all levels actively promote effective investment, especially in the drive and guide private investment into the real economy, the continuous issued many policy support. To further expand private investment into range, standardize the market main body status, to create better development environment for private investment. At the same time through the PPP project assets securitization and other effective measures to reduce the risk of private investment and increase income, attract private investment to enter. In the first half of this year, began to return to private investment, investment has increased significantly in the parts of people. The state information center, according to a study by the future investment in fixed assets has certain downward pressure, including the control of local government purchasing service scope influence infrastructure investment, financial leverage to push the cost of capital rise, service industry investment growth is slower, and security of investment funds is bad, all have influence on future investment form. To this, the National Development and Reform Commission, said that the promoting investment focus will still be in the second half of this year. Future will further deepen the reform of the investment and financing system, stimulating private investment in energy, the study further arouse the vigour of folk effective investment policy, aluminum alloy profile drive around using a variety of PPP mode of operation, revitalize the stock of assets, investment form virtuous circle. Industry experts said, in a further supply side structural reform, advance to leverage, under the premise of local government debt and other government policies, to prevent future must focus on accurate and effective investment, promote the smooth operation of investment in fixed assets. Including funding for important investment projects, to further promote the PPP mode, encourage support industrial enterprise technical reform and improve the long-term mechanism of real estate, key liberalized services market access, etc. , to promote the smooth and effective operation of investment in fixed assets. The National Development and Reform Commission, said the second half will speed up the policies to promote investment in place, and the construction of major projects. At the same time, the group by making measures for the supervision and administration of the enterprise investment project, the revision of the measures for the management of engineering consulting industry aluminum profile, further deepening the reform of investment and financing system, the use of investment and financing cooperation and docking mechanism, to financial institutions, private enterprises to promote key projects. Further promoting & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; 165 the implementation of major project, accelerate the pre-project, implement the important engineering project examination and approval, the respect such as land use, financing support measures.
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