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The most light aluminum alloy domestic metro trains: 'snow leopard' opened the latest cold subway train bearable 35 ℃ low temperature below zero

by:AAG     2020-11-06

the most light aluminum alloy domestic subway train & other; Little snow leopard & throughout; Opening: the latest version of alpine metro trains can endure minus 35 ℃ low temperature changchun subway line 1 officially opened on June 30, trial operation, the subway train & other; Little snow leopard & throughout; Passenger operations begin. Aluminium alloy profiles for the red and white alpine metro trains can not only the latest & other; Stand & throughout; The low temperature of minus 35 degrees Celsius, is the present domestic the most light aluminum alloy metro trains. According to prosperity co. , LTD. , changchun subway car design professional manager will learn, & other; Little snow leopard & throughout; Using multiple cold antifreeze technology, filling the argon in the door, window glass insulating layer, the outer glass Windows coated insulating film. Aluminum car body set up inside the cavity of high performance insulation material, car body structure and the passenger compartment floor is installed between the high-performance thermal insulation material. And sit chair under the electric heating device, when the train runs in winter can also ensure warm inside. Not only hardy, & other; Little snow leopard & throughout; Body is very light, also can effectively reduce the energy consumption of train traction. Due to high performance heat insulation design and frequency conversion, heat pump technology, the energy consumption of air conditioning system can also be greatly reduced. Vehicle during braking energy can also recycle back to power grid, reduce the energy loss. “ Little snow leopard & throughout; Comprehensive application of environmental protection, the aluminum profile can recycle use of materials, the car most of the metal parts, etc can all be recycled. Safety, the train & other; Little snow leopard & throughout; To the highest standards of the current domestic subway trains, not only installed the coupler buffer device, anti-creeper facilities, also in every system of vehicle technology upgrade, after the system test, aluminum alloy profile before they go out in the rain test in the test. Professional will learn, under the condition of the relative speed of 25 km per hour when collision occurs, & other; Little snow leopard & throughout; Can to ensure the safety of passengers.
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