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The ministry: the new energy vehicles development depends on the power battery can walk far | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-08

on September 26, 2017 China auto power battery industry innovation alliance annual convention was held in Beijing. Xin guobin, vice-minister of industry and information technology said at the meeting in the new energy vehicles can walk how far, how far can ultimately depends on the power battery. At the same time, xin guobin revealed by the Chinese government is moving forward in the field of power battery five priorities. Among them, the aluminum manufacturers improve reliability, stability and safety of high energy density battery system will become the next focus, at the same time, encourage enterprises to accelerate solid-state batteries battery research and development of the new system, etc. Xin guobin says power battery is the key to the development of new energy automotive industry. At present, the scale and shipments remain the world's leading power battery industry; At the same time, power battery technology progress and cost reduction to increase the product competitiveness and performance; In addition, power battery industry is towards ecological healthy development, is gradually construct the international competitive advantage. It is understood that in 2016 China power battery output value 64. 5 billion yuan, for the first time more than the traditional digital lithium battery size, be accounted for the largest lithium battery consumption structure. Xin guobin said, at present our country power battery in the industrial structure, manufacturing process, technical innovation and so on also has many problems, aluminum manufacturers also faces international vehicle quickly boost pressure and power battery technology, makes the power battery industry development of our country and challenges the leading status of new energy vehicles. Former vice President of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the national center for manufacturing innovation team GanYong once said in an interview with the media, on the development of power battery, compared to China and Japan, South Korea, range and is 30% lower than the energy 40%, also there is a gap on reliability, battery manufacturing cost is high. Among them, the specific energy gap influence the weight of the electric car, directly affect the promotion of the electric car. According to the forecast research high production lithium electricity institute, with a new round of promotion policy, aluminum manufacturers as well as the future lithium battery production technology promotion and cost reduction, power battery for new energy vehicles in the next five years will demand rapid growth, in 2016 China's automotive power battery production is 30. 8 GWH, 2020 China automobile power lithium battery production is expected to reach 141 GWH. In addition, how to improve the power battery recycling economy become the problem facing the table. According to the forecast research high production lithium electricity institute, as the electric vehicle market has grown in size and power battery scrap will expect to see the fast growth the tendency. The power battery scrap about 1 in 2016. 20000 tons, by 2020, our country power battery scrap amount will reach 24. 80000 tons. According to the economic information daily said, citing experts view & other; The first - in 2012 2014 loading power battery will mass before and after retirement in 2018. In the next three to four years, power lithium batteries will appear & lsquo; Scrap tide & rsquo; 。 ” Based on the above reasons, the ministry of industry in the field of power battery five focus on the deployment. A continuous attaches great importance to the safety problems, enhance security system. Will continue to strengthen enterprise in each link of the quality of main body responsibility, ensure materials, batteries, battery pack, the vehicle's safety production and use. To further enhance the level of production automation and intelligent, and constantly improve the reliability of the high energy density battery system, the stability and security. To strengthen fire safety research and control of power battery, remove trouble back at home for the new energy automobile development. Second, implementation technology revolutionary breakthrough, provide new energy vehicles development support. To speed up the development of lithium electricity upgrade process, the aluminum manufacturers realize monomer 350 watts per kilogram, the system is 260 watts per kilogram. To speed up the new system such as solid-state batteries battery research and development, strive to keep up with international leading level. To increase power battery level of manufacturing complete sets of equipment development and to accelerate the development of large-scale intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment. 3 it is to promote the whole industry chain collaborative innovation, speed up the industry innovation system is established. Represented by national power battery innovation center, the construction of a batch of promoting manufacturing collaborative innovation public service platform. To speed up the breakthrough materials, batteries, the key technology of system integration, process equipment bottlenecks, comprehensive performance and improve product quality level. Four is to strengthen the recycling economy, promote the construction of recycling system. From product design, manufacturing process, equipment and so on into consideration arrangement in recycling, utilization and accelerate the dismantling technologies such as prospective studies, the retired power battery performance evaluation technology, feasibility research and pilot commercial arrangement in use. Five is to strengthen industry management, market main body enthusiasm into full play. According to the State Council and decentralization, & other The pipes clothing & throughout; Such as requirements, the subsequent industry management focus on the matter later regulation, no longer by the auto power battery industry standard conditions ( 2017) 'Approach to enterprise production conditions and ability to put forward specific requirements, by the China auto power battery industry innovation alliance to do a good job related to undertake. According to China industry news, in June 2016, the national center for power battery innovation center was established in Beijing, set up with the league of nations institute and China auto power battery industry innovation alliance ( Union) , building & other; Company + alliance & throughout; Development pattern. China auto power battery industry innovation alliance is by domestic enterprises, universities, research institutions and industry organizations such as voluntary not independent legal entity of a consortium, build research and development design, the achievements and commercial applications, interoperability, according to the cooperative innovation mechanism.
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