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by:AAG     2020-11-16
1. China's aluminium processing industrial aluminum production and consumption of our country national economy and the stable, sustained and rapid development of high and new technology, prompting aluminum smelting and aluminum industry development in our country is very rapid. Aluminum aluminum industry in China aluminum production has reached 879 in 2006. 30000 tons, more than the United States as the world's first; The annual output up to 1250 2007. 80000 tons, year-on-year growth of 42 in 2006. 45%, an all-time high; Industrial aluminum 69 imported in 2007. 00000 tons, the year-on-year growth in 2006 0. 6%; Export aluminum industry 185. 49, 30000 tons, year-on-year growth in 2006. 5%, net exports 116 aluminium alloy profile. 30000 tons; In 2007, China's industrial aluminum apparent consumption for 1134. 50000 tons. 1 - in 2008 The production of aluminum industry in China in June, 1112 alumina production. 90000 tons, the increase over the same period in 2007 7. 1% and is expected to 2008 annual output of 23 million tons; Electrolytic aluminium production 662. 00000 tons, 12 increase over the same period in 2007. 9% and is expected to 2008 annual output will reach 14. 5 million tons; Aluminum processing material 687. 90000 tons, 38 increase over the same period in 2007. 3% and is expected to 2008 annual output will reach 14 million tons. 2. Chinese aluminum processing varieties of materials in the 21st century, China's aluminum industry closely with market and the needs of the development of the science make traditional aluminum machining material has gradually completed to modern aluminum material change, so China's aluminium processing material varieties have been great changes have taken place. The important characteristics of China's aluminium processing materials is to develop in the direction of high performance, high precision, energy-saving, environmental protection, many products has become a well-known brands at home and abroad, enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad on the market; Product quality improved steadily, the product standard is in the international advanced level, the major aluminum manufacturers in addition to production according to the national standards, can directly accept the order according to the standards demanded by the world's advanced countries. This shows that the aluminum processing material production has been further internationalization in our country, and to meet the national economy and science and technology, the various requirements of high-grade aluminum the major aluminum processing enterprises also made many corresponding internal supply technical standards. China's aluminium processing about 300 kinds of alloy, 1500 varieties, is one of the most abundant varieties of products in the world. In numerous aluminum processing material varieties, emerged a large number of international advanced products and the national famous brand product, represents the mainstream of our country's modern aluminum processing technology development and application direction.
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