Aluminum tube and square

The influence of composition too cold to the crystalline form

by:AAG     2020-11-10

2. Six components of supercooling appeared in the process of impact on the crystal morphology of crystal growth components after cold, the stability of the flat interface is destroyed, which changes the flat interface for cellular interface, form cellular organization. If production of single crystal materials, the organization can be devastating, it will make the product scrap and all measures must be taken to prevent. Discussed below the formation process of cellular tissue. With a growth rate for the growth of the isotropic system, if the solid liquid interface front formed component layer too cold, so make flat interface to some factors under the disturbance produced a series of flange, as shown in figure 2 11 ( a) Shown below. Solute of Ko 4 l, along with the growth of crystal, on the interface front constantly discharge solute. Because the flange not only along the growth direction ( Longitudinal) Growth, but also in the perpendicular to the original growth direction ( Lateral) Growth, so not only in the longitudinal direction, and in the transverse discharge solute, this is called. Two-dimensional segregated. 。 The results of three dimensional segregated solute within the groove between the adjoining flange increased more rapidly than flange tip, and the diffusion of the solute in the trench to & quot; Large & quot; The melt in the speed and relatively small flange tip, and grooves.
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