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The importance of the PC production line of prefabricated construction

by:AAG     2020-11-06

PC production line to the importance of prefabricated construction recently, are introduced to promote prefabricated buildings around the New Deal, in order to speed up the development of prefabricated construction, realize the construction innovation drive and transformation and upgrading, provide policy support. Hebei province in hebei province housing and urban and rural construction department issued the prefabricated construction & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Development plan, by 2020, hebei will form can serve the prefabricated construction production and service system of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, prefabricated building way to become one of the main construction way, develop the prefabricated concrete building, improve the ratio of prefabricated construction in the new buildings. Chengdu 'chengdu municipal infrastructure construction to promote industrial production and prefabricated green construction plan of action ( 2017 - 2019) 'This month formally implemented, by the end of 2019, the basic realization of municipal infrastructure & other; Standardization of design, production factory and construction mechanization, management informatization & throughout; The green development goals. Fuzhou city government issued a 'about speed up the development of the implementation of the prefabricated construction ( Trial) ', by the end of 2018, the city prefabricated construction of new buildings construction area ratio of 20% or more, initially formed to adapt to the fuzhou prefabricated construction development policy and technology security system, to listed in the state prefabricated building pilot cities. 。 。 。 。 。 。 What is a prefabricated building? Prefabricated construction refers to the use of prefabricated components are assembled in site construction. The advantage of this architecture is to build speed, small controlled by climatic conditions, saving labor and to improve the quality of construction. Prefabricated construction mainly has the following characteristics: 1) A large number of construction parts are done by the workshop production and processing, component types mainly include: cladding, wallboard, composite plate, the balcony, air conditioning board, stairs, precast beams and precast column, etc. 2) Field of assembly operations, than the original cast-in-situ operation greatly reduced. 3) By integration of construction, decoration design, construction, ideally decoration can be synchronized with the main body construction. 4) The standardization of design and management of information, the standard components, the production efficiency is higher, the corresponding component costs will fall, cooperate with the digital management of the factory, the prefabricated construction will be more and more high cost performance. 5) In line with the requirements of green building. Prefabricated factory is the professional PC by PC production line of complete sets of equipment manufacture. PC is the production line PC component production quality assurance. According to the different products and capacity requirements of PC factory, PC production line and the corresponding configuration.
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