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The future direction of industrial aluminum | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-08

aluminum according to the main application areas are divided into aluminum construction profiles and industrial profiles, aluminum construction material is mainly used for all kinds of civil and commercial construction field; Industrial aluminum profiles are mainly used in in addition to the construction of other industrial sectors, including transport and mechanical and electrical equipment is a major consumer of aluminum industrial profiles. The domestic market, for now, the construction industry is still a major consumption field, China aluminum demand accounted for more than than in 6. But from the point of consumption structure changes, the demand for aluminum industry growth accelerated in recent years, consumption ratio also increased year by year, from 31% in 2008 to nearly 37%. The transportation of aluminum consumption growth is most significantly, especially the construction of rail transit, become an important power boost industrial aluminum demand. 2014 - In 2018 China's aluminum industry market demand forecasting and analysis report predicts that investment strategy planning, according to rail transit vehicle ownership data in China in the next few years, 8 - per vehicle in aluminum demand 9 tons of consumption calculation, aluminum consumption in rail transit field in China in 2014 is expected to 160000 tons, by the year 2016 is expected to reach 220000 tons, will reach 350000 tons by 2020. The above data are for reference only, such as an unidentified place welcome to inquiry!
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