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The flood control artifact aluminum alloy flood control wall

by:AAG     2020-11-06

the flood artifact aluminum alloy in recent days, the flood control wall in changsha in hunan province famous cultural attractions j under water & other; Wear chau & throughout; The information has been refresh. Look from aerial images, has become a ship & other; The aircraft carrier & throughout; , sailing in the xiangjiang river flood, and the xiangjiang river can called & other; Hunan sea & throughout; . Changsha become not only a lot, many parts of southern China also heavy rain sky, floods wreak havoc. Aluminum alloy flood control wall baffles are high strength aluminum alloys, for three pieces of aluminum alloy plate composite structure. Every piece of aluminum alloy plate long 3. 6 metres high, 0. 33 meters, about 30 kg weight, a person can be carried away. Operation is very convenient, two people a group can quickly install and use. Every piece of aluminum alloy panel is equipped with waterproof glue, to ensure sealing, and the strip for submarine to use level, to ensure that the outlet is not leaking. Using 6063 - T5 aluminum alloy material, Including the side column) After an extrusion molding of aluminum. Aluminum thickness 2 mm. Surface electrophoresis oxidation treatment, each between manger and manger has a female end joint, and is equipped with EPDM waterproofing strip. Bottom water retaining plate set width 4 cm tall more than 2 cm of EPDM waterproof glue, waterproof effect of 99% or more ( Ground level can be test) , the side column has an upper cover plate. Aluminum profile based on testing repeatedly, the flood control panel can withstand 500 kg per square meter of the impact by the flood. The Chinese flood artifact superior performance, flood control in Germany artifact upgrade. Aluminum alloy flood control wall in the course of a year use reflects a variety of advantages: flood control effect is good, no leakage, water retaining and reliable; Light equipment, quick installation, convenient disassembly, the maneuverability is strong; Corrosion resistance, no rust, can be repeated use; Both flood control, and beautiful, can become a new landscape. Floods often area, river flood area and water diversion irrigation district waterproof engineering, aluminum alloy flood control wall can be (see article). With the flood control artifact, can not only single face water blocking flood, like j can also completely surrounded by water flooding. God
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