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The fifth China - Expo closed | | industry information

by:AAG     2020-11-10

in urumqi, China news agency on September 25 (Reuters) - The reporter Sun Ting article) The fifth China held in urumqi & ndash; Expo ( Expo) The closing on the 25th. This is China's official clear xinjiang & other; The silk road economic belt core & throughout; After positioning the first expo, in promoting China and countries in Asia and Europe summit diplomacy, the power of the silk road economic belt construction, strengthen the xinjiang and neighboring countries ( Region) Economic and trade cooperation, show the image of xinjiang has made new achievements. The expo, a total of 15 ministerial BBS and special events. Attending vice-ministerial level above guests number increase from the previous 2 times, the country increased 21, in the press, quarantine, science and technology, finance, education, poverty alleviation, traffic, tourism, trade, industry and commerce, women, legal services, logistics, agriculture, culture, film and television and other 16 large areas of a series of achievements. For example, the parties to attend & other; Information of the silk road & throughout; Agree to further promote the exchanges and cooperation with Chinese and foreign media; 'The frontier health and quarantine cooperation agreement signed, greatly promoted the xinjiang trade with Asian and European countries. The asia-europe information highway connectivity BBS declaration of urumqi initiative in the national communications operators to establish a close multilateral cooperation mechanism between, communication support for enterprise development. Is a highlight expo trade results become prominent. BBS activities and project contract signed a series of trade and economic cooperation, the cumulative sum signed up to $18 billion, involving science and technology, agriculture, mining, energy, industrial, financial and other fields. Using silk LuJinRong BBS, corporate financing made outstanding achievement, a total of 16 signed cooperation projects, including 7 for fact cooperation project, its credit amount of 319 respectively. RMB 0. 9 billion, 51. 300 million dollars. Pakistan habib bank urumqi branch formally approved the preparation, held during the ceremony. Pakistan habib bank also become countries along the silk road economic belt in xinjiang set up branches of the first foreign Banks. The expo exhibition area and exhibition, exhibitors are all record of all. During the exhibition, exhibitors attending enterprises exchange talks enthusiastically, formed a large number of trade and economic results. Xinjiang inline item set 200, signing contract total amount is 241. 2 billion yuan RMB. Foreign economic and trade with a total of 49. $52. 7 billion, compared to the previous 48. 2 $441. 6 billion growth. 24%. ( the
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