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The environmental protection department to strengthen the supervision report to the 42 companies save the environment

by:AAG     2020-11-07

on July 25, 8 inspection check total in hebei province, hebei province on the forced the comprehensive control of atmospheric pollution opinions and 18 special plan ( “ 1 + 18' Special package) 61 task list to carry out the situation, found that residents and heating coal electricity generation, rural scattered control, industrial aluminum manufacturers. Retreat city, transferring, & other; Scattered throughout dirt &; Special aluminum manufacturers such as a clampdown of 25 task problems such as slow or incomplete. Found the outstanding problem among them has: the 18 counties in shijiazhuang city, hebei province, City, area) Must be completed before the end of June, special planning and reported to the heating up to now, gaoyi, zanhuang, zhao country, shenze county, wuji county, xinle city, luq area, LuanCheng area, chaff, positive definite new district, yuanshi county, city lingshou 12 counties (such as City, area) Still has not been completed. Shijiazhuang, cangzhou should be completed before the end of June, industrial pollution source overall standards of the 12 industry evaluation plan to transform circuit, the current has not been completed. Tangshan rural services scattered coal comprehensive ban was still in the stage of the examination work, lags far behind of schedule. Tangshan rural scattered coal production management plan 50% complete the task before the end of October, currently only 18% complete. Aluminum production factory baoding city should be completed before the end of July to the coal operators, coal yard dust control work, the work has not been carried out. Baoding city should be completed before the end of October to all county ( Area) Rural services scattered coal ban work, the work has not been carried out. Hengshui city industrial retreat city relocation work the serious lag, there is no a aluminum production factory relocation. Xingtai has yet to develop the city's industrial aluminum manufacturers. Retreat city transferring specific implementation plan, urban industrial aluminum manufacturers retreat city relocation work subject is unknown, responsibility is not clear, the work has not been carried out. 7 inspection on July 25, in henan province were checking the battle for the control of air pollution in 2017 in henan province seven implementation plan '( “ Throughout three cure treats the &; Scheme) Task list to carry out the situation, 91 were found to promote heating heating, ban & other; Scattered throughout dirt &; Aluminum manufacturers, to promote coal bulk burning treatment, prevention and control of atmospheric pollution control and other special solutions of 15 task problems such as slow or incomplete. Outstanding problem which found are: henan anyang huaxian county enjoys should be completed before the end of August fully closed or retrofit existing civil scattered coal sales 67, has now completed 34, only 50. 7%, progress has been slow. Hebi city method to control coal bulk burning on the addition amount of heating, heating scheme of new pipe network and the quantity of heating area such as task decomposition, work has not been carried out. Puyang city construction should be finished before July 5 type clean coal production centers, currently under construction, should complete 75 type clean coal distribution outlets, 38, has been completed only complete 50. 7%, slow progress; Puyang city should be completed before the end of June 138 aluminum manufacturers volatile organic compounds ( VOCs) Eight management work, there was an unfinished regulation.
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