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the differences between the sole plate of an aluminum & stainless steel iron

by:AAG     2020-11-05
Everyone is familiar with a household iron, which is used to press clothes for wrinkle removal.
However, even frequent users of this device may not know the technical name of the metal sheet pressed on the clothes.
This is called the bottom shoe.
The sole can be made of three different materials: aluminum, stainless steel or ceramic.
Aluminum and stainless steel soles have several differences that affect their performance.
The main difference between the aluminum sole and the stainless steel sole is that the aluminum sole is easier to stick to the clothes when ironing.
This is not advisable as it has the potential to damage your clothes.
However, even in addition to this danger, the stickiness of the iron with the aluminum bottom plate can lead to a more difficult ironing process.
On the other hand, the iron with stainless steel bottom plate is considered not
Great, better in avoiding damage to clothes and offering a smoother ironing experience.
One advantage of the aluminum bottom plate compared to the stainless steel bottom plate is that the aluminum bottom plate is better at evenly distributing heat on the garment.
This makes it easier to quickly remove wrinkles from clothing without having to go through an area multiple times.
Another advantage associated with the aluminum bottom plate iron is the cost.
The iron on the aluminum sole is usually cheaper than the stainless steel sole.
In addition to the material type used to build the Iron, another specification that determines the performance of the iron is the number of holes in the iron.
The number of holes varies by manufacturer and has nothing to do with the composite.
This means that aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic irons perform equally well in this department in all other cases with the same conditions.
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